Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Mission Briefing: Americans vs. Russians vs. Germans vs. Americans

A three way WW2 Force on Force mission in Normandy.  Is it balanced?  I have no clue.
Café Rouge Lumière
Briefing: Leutnant Axel Merkel did what he did most nights.  He followed orders.  His orders were to ensure the Ost Truppen (Russian) he was given were trained in night maneuver.  Merkel was 52 years old, he was proud of saying, "I am like the Fuhrer, I was a Corporal in France in 1918."  Back to his orders. Each night he selected one of the gruppe in his zug and took them on a night patrol to Café Rouge Lumière, Madame Sophie Allemands-pour-l'argent would take the good Leutnant upstairs, after a few bottles of Calvo' he was ready...to sleep.  Downstairs, the lucky gruppe would get to share a bottle of Calvo' with some home brewed Vodka.

By 11pm on the 5th of June Leutnant Merkel was snorning on Madame Sophie's bed and she was sitting on her sofa knitting, by midnight she had fallen asleep and the gruppe of Russians were outside wrestling the goats.

High above the Café, Private Horace McBride was the 4th man out the C-47's door.  He quickly fell the 400 feet, hit the Café's roof, slid off and landed in the yard, startling the goats and the Russian wrestlers.

The Russian's were soon upon the unconscious McBride.  At first they thought it was their Leutnant, but then they saw the parachute.  They decided the best thing to do was shoot the parachutist.

In the small lane outside the Café, Sergeant Joachim Sterballeine saw the parachute slide down the roof and into the garden.  The Sergeant was at the front of the lead element, on bicycles (the Reich's main mode of transportation after most their horses had died in Russia), of the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment   He told his men to fan out and went to investigate with one private.  He found a group of "shirtless" Russians gawking and about to shoot the unconscious American.  He ordered them away.  They shot him dead.  The private who was standing next to his now dead sergeant started running and screaming.  All pandemonium broke out.

One hundred yards away Sergeant Trudeau hit the dirt with the report of a single rifle shot.  Then they heard awful screams.  Having seen one of his men hit the roof of the building he feared the worst.  On landing he had quickly found five of his men, and a group of 101st Airborne joined him.  Ordering the men to follow, he ran towards the hamlet.

Leutnant Merkel slept on.
The bakery at the T-junction and in the back Café Rouge Lumière

CONDITIONS: Moonlit night (pass TQ to fire at enemy beyond double TQ range)
MAP: Small 3x3, three buildings, road, orchard and farmyard
Victory Conditions: Whoever holds the wounded US paratrooper wins at the end of Turn 6.  The wounded paratrooper cannot be killed.

US Airborne
Sergeant Trudeau's team, Squad 1, Platoon 1, Kilo Company, 508th P.I.R., 82nd A.I. Division
1 Sergeant w\SMG
4 w\Self-Loading Rifle
1 w\Self-Loading Rifle + Rifle Grenade (+1)

101st Airborne team
1 Corporal w\Self-Loading Rifle
3 w\Self-Loading Rifle

Special Rules: "Loaded With Grenades" (at Optimum range add 2D instead of 1D).  Until fired upon US will not attack enemy beyond optimum range.

Ost Truppen (Russians in German service)
INI D6 (Calvados + Vodka)
TQ D6  (Calvados + Vodka)
MOR D12 (Calvados + Vodka)
Gruppe Team 1
1 w\SMG (Leader)
3 w\Bolt Action Rifle
Gruppe Team 2
1 w\SMG (Leader)
2 w\Bolt Action Rifle
1 w\Bolt Action Rifle & Demolition Charge (8D)
Gruppe Team 3
1 w\SMG (Leader)
1 w\MG38 (+1D)
2 w\Bolt Action Rifle

Special Rules: Demolition Charge 8D with a 4" blast radius.  As punishment Private Ivan Trumfekov has been hauling a DC around on his back.  To make a DC attack pass an Close combat assault, move, drop charge and move as far away as possible (maybe not far enough!)

German patrol, I Battalion, 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment
MOR D8 (seeing their leader die they are uncertain)
Gruppe 1 Team 1
1 Leader w\Self-loading rifle
1 w\Self-loading Rifle

Gruppe 1 Team 2
1 Leader w\SMG
2 w\Self-Loading Rifle

Gruppe 2 Team 1
1 Leader w\SMG
2 w\Self-Loading Rifle

Gruppe 2 Team 2
1 Leader w\SMG
1 w\Self-Loading Rifle
1 w\Self-Loading Rifle + Panzerfaust-30 (Medium AP3, max range 20")

1 One of your men in this team fumbles a grenade and becomes a casualty
2 Flare, a flare turns the map area to daylight for this turn
3 A plane crashes nearby - Distraction - Gain 2D extra defense in next Round of Fire
4 Good Position - The team gains +1D defense in this position for until it moves
5 Mad Minute - Gain +2D attack in next Round of Fire
6 Leutnant Merkel appears at window and will shoot at random target until dead or game ends.  INI6 TQ6


  1. Only one way to find out if it is balanced... Looks very interesting; I'll be keen to see the AAR.

  2. Love your write ups, keen to see the AAR.

  3. The poor Russians felt like a melleted piece of meat on a sandwich