Friday, 16 December 2016

AAR: Americans vs. Russians vs. Germans vs. Americans

The US paratroopers ran towards the hamlet, when they got close they slowed and moved forward gingerly, the 101st on the right side of the road and Sergeant Trudeau's 82nd men on the left hand side.  Sergeant Trudeau had asked the 101st men to flank to the right or find a good overwatch position and give enfilading fire.

We played the three way mission yesterday (from:  Please excuse the lack of painting, though luckily we played a moonlit
 night mission so not too bad.
The three Russian teams, the unconcious US Paratrooper McBride in the shadow, and the dead Fallschirmjäger sergeant against the low wall.
At the T-junction the Fallschirmjäger sprang into action, they would rescue their fallen commander (and take revenge) and capture the US paratrooper.
The four Fallschirmjäger units at the T-junction and at the bakery.  In the top middle you can see the seven Ost Truppen, and if you have good night eyes you may even be able to see the unconcious McBride.
The German paratrooper team of two and the three man team from down the road moved to gain LOS to the Ost Truppen behind the bakery, their combined fire bowled over the three closest Russians.
German paratroopers firing on the Ost Truppen.  In the distance (top right) the US Paratroopers slowly move forward, happy to let the German paratroopers and Ost Truppen slug it out.
The German team outside the front door of the bakery entered the bakery and moved to the rear door, each pulling out a grenade.  Two grenades went out the door, but, unfortunately for the attackers one grenade was fumbled injuring their own man.  Two Russians went down in the concussions.
Two Russian casualties outside the rear bakery door, and two Germans down on the inside, one self-inflicted wound.
The Russians around the unconscious US paratrooper galvanised into action and charged into the bakery, the last surviving German paratrooper was stunned by the sudden attack and went down in a flurry of rifle butts.

The US paratroopers deemed it what time to strike, they rushed up to the wall and sent a rain of grenades down on the Russians (10 DICE worth!).  The surviving Russians, who were still busy sorting themselves out from the casualties caused by the Germans, fell in the explosions.
The US paratroopers move into the yard and fire at the surviving Russians.  The 101st Airborne move up and pour in enfilading fire.
The US decide it will be easier to just annihilate all the enemy rather than grab the injured paratrooper (the local professional hand model joined us...sigh.)
The US paratroopers seeing the power of their SMG and grenade attacks decided it would be safer to annihilate the enemy than try grab their fallen comrade, they charged in hurling grenades, knocking out the Germans in the ditch across the road.  The 101st Airborne continued to pour fire into the Russians before moving up and spraying the Russians in the bakery.  Eventhough the Russians shouted, "Komeraad! Komeraad!"  The US were no mood to take prisoners, enemies were left to die without aid and some were helped along.

The small teams of German paratroopers melted away in front of the heavy US attack and Sergeant Trudeau was able to give Private McBride the aid he needed, the paratroopers formed a litter and headed back the way they had come.

The next morning Leutnant Merkel awoke.  With his head pounding from his night of "passion" he found Madame Sophie and her girls outside cleaning up the bodies from inside the goat pen.  All his squad lay dead.  And so did at least a squad of German paratroopers.  Madame Sophie was pestering him about her dead goats.  He rubbed his chin, then shrugged, when his head was clear he would need to fabricate an excuse.  He waved at Madame Sophie and trudged back to his camp.  He heard gunfire in the distance.  "Odd," he thought, shrugged and continued on his way.  Until he was shot by a US paratrooper.

Well.  Nasty.  The big US paratrooper team with SMG and optimum bonus (plus grenade bonus) proved extremely nasty vs. the small 3-4 man units.  Basic lesson: Do not get close to these big groups. The US lost no one to injury or death.  So good for the campaign.

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