Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Eureka 15mm Modern Russians arrive in Malikastan

UPDATE July 2013: Now available at:

Today I received Eureka Miniatures' Modern Russians in 15mm.  I was very glad to see they were the same size as the "Peter Pig 15mm".  The new Eureka range is huge with 56 (I think) different miniatures, including regular Russians and the MVD.  With Flytrap Factory about to release Russians as well we have suddenly become spoilt for choice.  And, it sounds like Eureka's Chechens are hot on the trail of the the Russians.  Russians presently for 300 Club supporters.

The figures have character, the helmets appear to have the cloth cover, they have nice stances.  Seems to be cold in Russia as some have nice furry collars.

Let the painting commence!  Where are my painting gnomes when I need them!  At least the large number of figure types mean I will not be painting too many duplicates.

Now we need people to pre-Order the 15mm Modern Australians.  Which I presume can be substituted for Irish and Austrians!  Go here:

Eureka Miniatures 300 Club

Here is a a selection of the miniatures compared to Peter Pig (a USMC and a Palestinian):
Regulars with AK-74

Officer and PKM Gunner
Sniper, PKM gunner and spotter

RPG-18, RPG-7 and yet another PKM gunner

Apologies for the focus, a rear-end and two MVD

For comparison, a Flashpoint Delta Force, a Khurasan Spec. Ops and a OG Gunner
When reporters asked the Russian foreign minister if Russia would be sending troops to Malikastan the reporters received a much deserved chortle.  But, things change.  A Russian road construction company received the contract to build the Malika City to Azmakassar highway.  These civilian contractors are now caught in the path of the advancing Hotakistanis.  Russia has ordered a VDV force to land and secure the civilians.  The Russians, against their own best advice, are once again tramping the dusty paths of Malikastan.

UPDATE: Here they are, painted (to a 2m away quality): http://bigfof.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/eureka-day-is-saved-eureka-15mm.html

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