Saturday, 10 December 2016

Force on Force WW2 tank stats

Here are the "final" vehicle and gun statistics for Force on Force Western Normandy WW2 vehicles. I have added some of the other tanks more likely to be seen on the eastern flank for comparison (white background).  I decided to not make the vehicle stats compatible with the modern tanks in the Force on Force rulebook so we have a wider range of vehicle armour and weapon penetration.

See other rule modifications here:

There do not seem to have been m/any German half-track Sd.Kfz 250/251 in the Cotentin, I left them in as we probably have the models, and the 17th SS had half-track mounted units.

Vehicle Notes
No Turret -2drm on Reaction Tests out of Front Arc
Slow Turret -1drm on Reaction Tests out of Turret Front Arc
1-Man Turret  -1drm on Reaction Tests and Spot TQ check
Slow Turret + Pivot Turn -1drm on Reaction Tests out of Turret Front Arc, unless tank hull turns as well.  Make a TQ on a 4+ apply no modifier, on a result of 1 the tank is immobilised.  For example the Panther had a slow turret, but it had the ability to Pivot turn.  So, the slow turret can be overcome by moving the hull.  Though, doing a stationary pivot held risk of losing a track or damaging the transmission. 
AP4/AT1L or AP3 or - roll a D6 on a 1-3 No MG, on a 4-5  AP3 on a 6 an AP4/AT1
Confidence Low Confidence and Confident crews must make a Bail Out Check on any anti-tank hit on the vehicle.  The check is made after any base effect.  If the base effect includes a Bail Out check then ignore the extra bail out check.  A crew may only remount its vehicle if the threat that caused the bail out is no longer in LOS of the crew AND the vehicle.
Assault, attacks DA on TQ Infantry armed with Gammon bomb may roll a TQ during an assault and attack the vehicles Deck Armour (or crew if open topped with an AP4) with an AT2L
Wet Stowage +1 die shift on crew survival rolls

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