Friday, 20 July 2018

Chain of Command

After waiting for FOF for WW2 for longer than... WW2? I gave up and started looking at what was on offer.  After reading rules and watching some videos I decided to give Chain of Command a go.  Only problem was finding someone who was keen to play Historical in the domain of fantasy and SF.  I made the mistake of going 28mm, and set about replacing all my terrain.  Time passed.

And then someone showed interest.  We played our first game of CoC.  I was impressed, it gives a good flavour, gives you lots of hard choices, and has lots of support with campaigns, so no fear of powergaming.

Even the patrol phase was tense and fun.  Here are a few pics from our game.  We made lots of mistakes, rule wise and tactically.  Like, I ended up dividing two of my gruppe before I realised the cost.

The Fallschirmjaeger get an order to run as far as possible to the corner, and end up running way to far. 

Germans and US Paratroopers engage amongst the hedges on the east edge of St. Du Mont. 

The elite US pour on the hurt. 

The bocage in the distance becomes a pain, splitting up a squad of Germans and making it difficult to move. 
A very good game was had.


  1. Looks excellent. You've done a brilliant job with the scenery; it's pretty 'photo-realistic'. Some close ups of the figures would have been good. I look forward to further reports.

  2. CoC does give a good game and you are right about the patrol phase, get that wrong and you can lose the game before its started.

  3. That does look good even if (or perhaps because?) it's the wrong scale!