Saturday, 7 June 2014

In game terms: US Mechanized Infantry Platoon (Bradley)

After seeing Steve's Bradley's in action I must say my HUMVEE mounted US Infantry are feeling a tad vulnerable.  And, getting 15mm MRAPs seems a long way off (but, see Eureka 300 Club "kickstarter" on their website RG-31 MRAP 300Club).  A while ago I bought the Matchbox MRAP, and will see how well scaled that is to do the job.  So I think in the (hopefully) not too distant future I can upgrade my US Infantry to a Mechanized Platoon with the addition of some Bradley IFV.
A Bradley in action.

So, what does a Bradley platoon's organization look like, these sheets are meant to be printed out so that your miniatures can be setup on them prior to the game.  This is simplified for game terms, instead of reality where teams and squads are divided between vehicles.    Here is my first version for your comment:
The seat division of the squads between the four vehicles could be ignored to make things simpler.  But, I guess having to maneuver to keep squads intact would be interesting.

The platoon has access to GPMG per squad, a Javelin launcher per squad (or AT-4) and the option of LAWs.  In game terms, before the game starts decide which each squad will have access to with regards to anti-tank: Javelin, AT-4 or LAW.

Javelin has a long minimum range and is a Heavy weapon (when dismounted as a 2-man team it has two shots).  The AT-4 is a single shot but can be re-armed from any Bradley designated as carrying AT-4 (on a successful TQ).  The LAW option gives the A/T man in the squad access to LAWs which are "reloaded" without the need to go to the Bradley, but requires a successful TQ.  The LAW is also a Medium weapon.

The platoon also has a non-organic medic and FO option.  If they have these I am not sure where they squeeze in.  Do they displace two regular platoon members?  I am also not sure if the Platoon commander vehicle has an extra crew-man.  There is one seat available, either for an extra crewman, the medic or the FO.

What do you think?


  1. I like it :) You don't happen to have one of those for British Warrior IFV's do you ? :)

  2. I've actually been wanting to do Bradley platoon as my first 15mm modern project.
    I just finished reading "House to House," in which the narrator was a squad leader in Falluja: I found it interesting that they regularly used the Brad's TOW launchers against buildings and infantry targets.
    With regards to the room for a medic and FO; I hear that units were/are never at TO&E strength, so these guys would be placed in any available slots. That doesn't help much in game terms though.

  3. I recall seeing some footage from Fallujah where the target house was very close, and so the TOW guidance was probably not used, just point and shoot. I wonder if the medic or FO just fit in as there would normally be missing infantry. I am thinking of getting the Zvezda Bradleys, they do not look that bad.

    I can see the British Warrior TO&E, and it seems to include up to eight LAWs per vehicle, plus they seem to just reduce the section size to fit in, instead of overlapping sections across vehicles like the Bradley's seem to do.

  4. As usual a great read and pics. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award on that basis and for consistently championing FoF.

  5. LOL, Jim, you got me called a noob :). I googled Liebster Award and the first site I visited said "unless you are a noob you would have heard of".

    It will look nice on my shelf. Getting the "Award the Order of the Noob" on the Queen's Birthday is special. I think...

  6. Bradley's carry only a fire team each. Only two dismount squads per platoon.

  7. Yes, I think you are correct, but it becomes complex as it probably has squads divided oddly, so more than a fire team per vehicle.