Saturday, 10 December 2016

Far far in the future in our own galaxy...

... a unit of planetary militia are ordered to clear a nameless ridge 40km's outside of the human settlement of Neuamazonia.

The human reconnaissance units report that the ridge is held by six Donusa chaos warriors.  They report that two of these warriors are searching the destroyed militia vehicles.  The militia commanders orders his last armoured car to flank around the ridge and approach from the north.  He then divides his platoon in three, one squad flanking to the right, one to the left and he commands the third squad straight on in.

The mission briefing:

Another learning game, before we head into WW2, we played a mission from the Tomorrow's War rulebook, changing the figures to be GW Chaos Warriors and Victoria Miniatures Arcadian infantry supported by the GW armoured car (with Victoria Miniatures wheels).

The game would turn out to be quick and one sided.

The bare ridge before the fight.  Two Chaos warriors amongst the wrecks, two in the middle of the ridge, and the last two over the ridge on the border of the thick forest.
The Left or West Flanking group approach the Chaos Warriors.
This is a fairly hard mission.  Keeping the Power Armoured warriors alive will be difficult.

The militia were cautious in the beginning, moving carefully and firing, only when the Chaos Warriors took their first casualties did they move in.  All six of the would blow themselves up.

Heavy fire is exchanged between the warriors on the hill and the two central militia fireteams.  With Advanced Medication and some lucky rolls their are few casualties.
The armoured car moves up, but the Chaos Warriors are only able to destroy its main gun. With the armoured car and four fire teams the fire proves too much for the 4 chaos warriors.
The militia were able to take advantage of their wounding of the chaos warriors and managed to get men into close contact, surviving the suicidal blasts they managed to ensure no survivors for the next turn.

In the end it was a resounding defeat for the Chaos Warriors.

If we played this mission again I would drop Advanced Medication for the militia, and probably give the Chaos Warriors the ability to assault the vehicles using half strength or something like that.

Still fun.  And Mark Junior continues to ace all the Reaction Checks!  Spooky stuff.

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