Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Green and Pleasant land - A Very Modern British Civil War

First shots - 'Big Jet Plane'

The basic premise behind this game is that the government has given in to international pressure, and has been forced to accept more refugees. After major protests closed down Dover and the Channel Tunnel, they have decided to fly them in to an airport in the Midlands, amid tight security. A bunch of disgruntled ultra-nationalist ex-servicemen have got wind of this, and plan to shoot down the plane with a stolen Stinger missile. 
However, immediately prior to the attack, they have discovered a 'police spy' in their midst. He is disarmed and disabled, but the gang realise that their plans are discovered. They are well-armed, and not prepared to go to prison for what they see as their patriotic duty. They grab their personal weapons, and prepare for 'company'; the Stinger is hidden under the floor in the tractor shed (A).

Mission - hold out until it's dark (8 turns), and then evade and escape
5 points per man who is not wounded or captured at the end of game.
10 points for still having the Stinger at the end of the game.

11 ultra-nationalists in three teams; all armed with assault rifles, and 3 AT4-CS's.
TQ d8, Morale d8, body armour, limited ammunition; personal radios link the teams.

The ultra-nationalist player was allowed to set up anywhere within the farm area, but elected to defend the farm house complex - his deployment is given below :-
The farm area

After an audit of a military base uncovered the loss of a number of weapons - a Stinger missile system, several AT4-CS anti-tank missiles, and a large number of assault rifles - a covert investigation was launched to find out who was planning on using these weapons, and to recover them. They were tracked to an ultra-nationalist group, which a member of an SAS team managed to infiltrate. Just the timing and the target were unknown; they had just been given this information, but their 'insider' has been found out. The surveillance team must now launch a hasty attack to prevent the gang from escaping with the Stinger, and to free their team member.

Mission - capture or kill the ultra-nationalists, recover the Stinger, and rescue your team member.
5 points per ultra-nationalist wounded or captured at the end of game.
5 points for rescuing the team member unwounded.
10 points for capturing the Stinger by the end of the game.

8 SAS in two teams (N.B. SAS teams are allowed to break down further into pairs or individuals), armed with assault rifles with UGL's, and 2 AT4-CS's.
TQ d12, Morale d12, body armour, NVG, breaching charges; personal radios link the teams; advanced medics.

The SAS player had the choice of entering by road in Land Rovers, or inserted by helicopter. He chose to land in the field behind the farmhouse (circled in red), and move up to the hedge, not knowing where the opposition lurked.

AAR to follow...


  1. Sounds like a good scenario. Quite topical! Keen to read the report.

  2. Ooh, topical, looking forward to this one...

  3. Really looking forward to this one, especially since it's set in good ol' Blighty!