Sunday, 30 August 2015

Big Jet Plane - SAS assault a house in rural England

Retired British Army Lieutenant Argent sighed as he walked out of the heated argument in the music hall.  The argument over which of ‘Alfred the Great’s descendants should be King/Queen’ had drifted into a personal insult slinging match.  Every since 1065 the French were seemingly to blame for every misfortune to befall the island.  And lately, the French had made life hard for illegal immigrants in France so the immigrants wanted to “invade” Briton.  The fact the argument was being made by one Henry Beaucamp made Argent smile.  But, this was a time for serious business.  The weak government had caved in and were about to fly in the “Calais Zombie Horde” to a new housing estate in Birmingham.

Lt Argent walked over to the little office off the entrance hall.   Archibald Scott-Stevenson, former Sergeant, was sitting at the table reading the instructions for the Stinger AA launcher.  Scott-Stevenson was Argent’s de facto second-in-command

“Figured it out?” asked Argent.

“Aye.  But, I am sure these are made in China, or at least the instructions were written in China.  But, where is Lord Sewerl?”

Argent hid his own concerns.  Lord Sewerl has agreed to make a video after they had shot down the first passenger plane from Calais.

“You should not have sent him the £200," said Archibald for the nth time.

"He said he needed it for the train," Argent then sighed, “I bet he is at that brothel…the Pink Something…that one across the road from the station.  I will ask Steven to go find him.”

“You had better be quick about it, they are boarding the plane in Calais,” Scott-Stevenson pointed at the scene on the TV where the BBC was reporting on the situation at Calais airport.

Steven was in Argent’s bad books already, Steven Pie had been working as a handyman at the farm and had told Argent that the family had left for a holiday in southern France.  Instead, when they arrived the family was present and now were an extra headache.  They were locked up in the farm’s pantry in the main house.
The farm was situated just off the main flight path of Birmingham’s main airport.  The perfect spot to launch the Stinger and send a message to the world: England for the English!

Argent searched the sheds, but could not find Steven.  He went to the main house, no luck.  He then saw a faint light in one of the cars, suspicious he crept over to the car.  Steven Pie was talking on his cell.  Argent immediately grew angry.  Argent had given explicit orders to his men: NO CELLPHONES!

He heard Steven talking, “…yes, the guy Argent brought the Stinger here tonight, I think they are going to…”

Argent violently opened the car door and smashed the assault rifle’s butt into S. Pies face.

Twenty minutes later Argent heard the unmistakable sound of helicopter blades cracking through the air.

He stopped hitting Steven Pie’s face and ran to the kitchen window.  “Fuck, the police.”  He told four of his men to stay with Pie and cover the lane leading down to the main road.  He ran over to the Music Hall and warned his eight other men to lay down cover to the fields to the north and east from the second floor of the music hall.  He then ordered his remaining three men to follow him to the shed where they had put the Stinger missile launcher.

Once in the shed they could see a helicopter dusting off from the field to the north.

U-Nat Force: TQ d8, Morale d8, body armour, limited ammunition; personal radios link the teams
Team 1 -
1x Leader with Assault Rifle (Ex-Lt Argent)
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle 
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle + RPG

Team 2 -
1x Leader with Assault Rifle (Ex-Sgt Scott-Stevenson)
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle + RPG

Team 3 -
1x Leader with Assault Rifle (Ex-Cpl Henry Beaucamp)
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle
1x Trooper with Assault Rifle + RPG

Turn 1 - SAS exit helicopter, cross hedge and take cover behind tyres, car and containers. U-nats team 1 (including Lt Argent) in building D open fire on SAS team behind tyres - SAS return fire, inflicting 1 serious wound) U-nats team 2 move up from building F to gap between buildings D and E; SAS interrupt and cause 1 serious wound - return fire downs 2 SAS behind car.

Turn 2 - SAS team behind tyres moves to give first aid to downed team. More fire from U-nats team 2 - miss, but 2 more serious wounds inflicted on them as they pull back behind building F.
SAS team 1 moves up
SAS team 2 move up to woodpile
View from SAS ingress side, after a very long drive the Golden Holden seems to have arrived in England
Turn 3 - Medic - both downed SAS OK (1 light wound). SAS team by containers throw smoke and assault building D - H2H - long hard battle, but Lt Argent (the hero) is last man standing at end (? SAS tripped over seriously wounded U-nat body as they charged in). U-nat team 3 (+ hostage) run from building H towards building D - SAS sniper by container lightly wounds one, and seriously wounds another.
SAS smoke and assault the house containing Lt Argent and the Stinger Missile
Three SAS are killed and a third wounded/captured, Lt Argent survives, grabs the missile and calling his men to give him cover starts to move southward.
SAS sniper spots the U-Nats coming to Lt Argent's aid, he wings one of the running men.

Turn 4 - SAS lose initiative - U-nat team 1 medic check - 1 light wound - and pulls back to building A. SAS move up to building D. No shooting this turn.

Turn 5 - U-nat team 2 survivor takes up position in music school first floor. U-nat team 1 pick up Stinger, and exit building A. U-nat team 3 hide behind building A, and look for sniper. SAS (4 survivors) form into 1 team and move into building D. No shooting this turn either.
The surviving SAS, delayed by the U-nat rearguard are unable to bring fire to bear on the escaping U-nats
Turn 6 - U-nats team 1 hurry across courtyard and behind building H. U-nat team 3 run for building H, spotted by sniper. U-nats shoot first, using AT-4 ! Building D demolished, but SAS OK.

Turn 7 - U-nats team 1 makes off over fields. SAS shoot AT-4 at building H - 1 U-nat seriously wounded, and hostage also seriously wounded.
Lt Argent escapes south over the fields with two of his companions.  They carry the Stinger AA Missile.
Turn 8 - U-nat team 1 (3 members, including Lt Argent and Stinger) run south across the field into the dusk, and escape. U-nat team 2 (1 member) and team 3 (1 member) provide rearguard. 6 U-nats seriously wounded or killed. SAS 1 serious wound, 3 dead.

Lord Hornby-Humperdink to Major F. Ucki-Nescaegoat: Major, please tell the commission under whose orders you were acting?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: We were under the orders of an MI-6 agent.

Lord Hornby-Humperdink: What was his name?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: We did not know his name.

Lord Horny-Humperdink: You were born in Norway?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: Not sure what that has got to do with anything?

Lord Hornby-Humperdink: Who gave the orders to attack the farm?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: I gave the orders following the loss of communication with the SAS operative under the name of Steven Pie.  I...

Lord Horny-Humperdink: You alone?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: No, the MI6 agent asked us to move in.

Lord Horny-Humperdink: The MI6 agent who had no name?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: Is that a rhetorical question?

Lord Hornby-Humperdink: I will be asking the questions, Major.  So, you knew about the family being held hostage?

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: No, our informant had told us they were in southern France.

Lord Horny-Humperdink: You did not feel the need to confirm this was the case through alternative means.

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: No, the plane was inbound, our informative was exposed and we thought...

Lord Hornby-Humperdink: Major, you are not paid to think.

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: We saved 180 immigrants from losing their lives. Not to mention the eight crew and five security on board.

Lord Hornby-Humperdink: At the cost of 3 dead SAS soldiers and 3 dead civilians.

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: The three civilians were armed and firing upon us.  I doubt they were friendly.  We stopped the Stinger missile from being fired

Lord Hornby-Humperdink:  There is no way to prove that.  Plus, no Stinger missile has been found.

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: I think that my wounded and dead can confirm that the U-nats were armed and dangerous, with all due respect Lord Horny-Humperdick or whatever your bloody name is.

Lord Hornby-Humperdink:  [angry and turning to Lord Sewerl] So Lord Sewerl, what is your verdict?

Lord Sewerl: I believe these SAS acted without orders and endangered and possibly killed several innocents.  There is no sign of any missile, one of the captured was Irish, we will find out his connections to the Republican Army.  I recommend a general court-martial.

Major Fred Ucki-Nescaegoat: Lord Sewerl, your name was mentioned by...

Lord Hornby-Humperdin: [bang bang goes the gavel] This commission has found you to have exhibited gross negligence in carrying out your duty and forwards the recommendation to your command to bring you before a court martial.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed, of which I was rather surprised. 9 TQ12 Supermen vs. 11 TQ8 Regulars. So a lot of bad rolls for the Supermen. After the close combat I saw a chance to escape with the Stinger. During the game I could not see the rolls so it was very "blind". We played over the net and all I could see were the obvious effects and what was dished out to the U-Nats. I think playing with only 20 miniatures made it very tense.

    2. Ok, yes, they did do rather badly then! And your right about it being tense: if you've got a company, you can lose a few men here and there without too much stress. But if you've only got nine guys total!

  2. For an embarrassingly long moment I thought the second photo was real...

    1. Thanks to Mark's cool terrain and setup

  3. Nice game and report. The SAS were definately having an off day... Will it be part of an ongoing campaign?



    1. Yes, we plan to move from the fractious Malikastan to the fractious England :)

  4. Very good - the B+W photo is very atmospheric!