Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Kabir Campaign Lesson 3 - Know yourself

On to lesson 3 (these "Know yours" will be the rules for the campaign, making it simpler to read, so the introduction is also the rules).

This "Know Yours" is about your units in the campaign.  When a player's unit successfully engages an enemy unit the sections available on the platoon counter(s) are used in the mission.  Here is an introduction on how you read the campaign unit counters.
Two of the players advised me to Keep It Simple Stupid.  I failed!  But now an image of the battle from the  campaign map tells you which units are involved, how many sections and vehicles, the units Initiative, its Task Quality, its Morale, its fatigue level, it supply level and what integrated AA it may have.  So, failed KISS, but my life is easier, though it makes the counters look a tad complex.

A note on Fatigue.  In the last campaign the fatigue covered a combination of casualties and real fatigue.  So during missions it a TQ vs. Fatigue for a single section decided if it would be present in the game, and a second TQ vs. Fatigue decided if one or more units were suffered delayed entry.  In the new campaign it merely represents fatigue, so how units are delayed in a mission or how well prepared they are if defending.

The number of casualties are also recorded until the unit loses 8 men and then a whole section is removed.  The casualties are reviewed by pressing L and it will replace the fatigue number.

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