Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lesson 2 - Know your own terrain (and how you can build your own "cave")

That took longer than expected!  Fighting VASSAL from my own ignorance!  Solved, and all the base types have now been added.  So, onto Lesson 2, Know your terrain.  The Kabir Massif (the center of the map) is the proverbial Valley of Death Where Fools Stay Well Away.  Lucky for you your commander has asked you to turn the Valley of Death into the epitome of Democracy.

Note, that the GM will control most of this, you merely say what you want.  So no need to read or remember all of this.  Though it may be useful to read once you wonder why your powerful force is unable to project all that nice 21st Century power.  Maybe some of those coins Alexander bribed his soldiers with to take out these tribesmen are still available.

So, onto the bases?

So, that is for the terrain, next to your men.


  1. I like the look of these campaign rules, with the various areas and their ratings. Are these from the basic FoF rules, or your own rules?

  2. Hi Omer,
    No, not part of the basic rules, but translating the idea of TQ 4+ into a campaign setting. A campaign is a good source of missions, and gets to use what figures we have. So all made up. As soon as I have finished the VASSAL module I will post it in the files section. Need to add a few more things, like the Russians, Rialians etc. We have played a long campaign so have developed a good idea on how to turn campaign situations into missions. The campaign is also nice in that how you win (i.e. with most of your force intact) is important.

    So in a nutshell, our own rules linking into FOF.