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SMAFU (Mission)

Situation Malikastan AFU

After a long break we are back to the Malikastan campaign.  So a little sideshow which will also introduce the Russians to the campaign.  In an earlier mission (http://bigfof.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/aar-they-are-like-zombies.html ) the Russian ambassador was captured by the insurgents.  This mission will see the Russians arriving in the chaos which is Malika City to rescue the ambassador.  Players, review and send in any comments.  The game will see the debut of my Eureka Miniature Russians and Colonel D. Zaster's QRF BMP-3s.  This could be as balanced as a two-legged dog, but the narrative is what counts :)

The leaking of General Phil Graves “off the record” comment: “I will flatten Malika City” has handed the insurgents in Malika City a propaganda gold mine.  Outrage has swept through the Malika City streets with the insurgents fanning the flames: the new AUSAF force will flatten the Azure Mosque.  In response the western prisoners in the insurgents hands have been herded into a park behind the mosque.  They have been locked in a stockade and a film has been spread across the cellphone network.  The footage shows that the Russian ambassador has been placed inside or near to the mosque itself.

In response, the Russians have moved.  Early in the morning the UN and AUSAF forces at the Malika Airport were woken by a low flying MiG fighter, the “bomb” was several thousand leaflets.

“Refrain from alarm, the vozdushno-desantnye voyska will shortly be landing at your airfield.  They will secure the hangars at the eastern edge.  We come in peace.  Do not interfere.  Interference will result in mortal danger.”

Ten minutes later a low flying Antonov dropped 300 paratroopers in an airdrop.  Several minutes later four large Antonov’s landed on the main runway and taxi’ed to the hangars.  One of the large aircraft veered off the damaged runway and burnt, another was damaged and would never fly again.  The UN commander at the airfield, still unsure of the new command structure failed to contact either General Phil Graves or Colonel D. Zaster.  He decided that he was not about to start WW3 and decided to leave the Russians alone.

The Russians unloaded several mechanised vehicles and a helicopter gunship.  They assembled and a company left the airfield heading to Malika City.  The UN base commander decided it was a good time to have a whiskey.  Though this turned into a vodka when a Russian VDV Captain arrived with a salutary bottle of vodka.  After a hug and kiss they became best of enemies.

The Russian convoy headed towards Malika City from the SW, driving in past the massive ruined fort complex to the south of Malika City.  They then headed towards the Azure Mosque.

Sitting on the 4th floor of the ransacked Grand Vacation Tavern Hotel across the road from the Azure Mosque is a US special forces A-team.  The team is in Malika City to neutralize a HVT who attends the Azure Mosque.

Russian VDV platoon (mech.): Rescue the ambassador, his family and staff.  Failure to rescue the ambassador is a defeat.  The ambassador is either in the mosque or in the stockade to the rear of the mosque. Casualties or lost vehicles are of no importance, the Russian President has said the ambassador will be rescued and he will be rescued.  The VDV gain 5VP for the ambassador and wife, and 1VP for other staff.  The Russians must either move the ambassador and staff of the south edge (roads) or fly them out with the HIND.
US ODA A-TEAM: Neutralize the insurgent leadership.  Victory points are gained for each insurgent leader neutralized (1VP), and 5VP for each HVT (even if the Russians do the dirty deed on the HVT).  The Russian ambassador has been disguised as an insurgent leader…
Insurgents: The insurgents gain VP for each enemy killed (2VP) or captured (4VP).

Time: 8 turns

Russian VDV & Spetnatz (INI8/TQ10/MOR10) and (INI10/TQ10/MOR10)
The Russian player has a full mechanized Russian VDV platoon (mounted on BMP-3 or other), have a Nona (120mm) and a HIND on call.  The HIND contains a Spetnatz team of four.  The HIND will fast-rope the Spetnatz onto the Azure Mosque Roof on a D8 on a TQ 4+ (try from Turn 1).  If the helicopter is damaged it will land the team on a random building roof.

US ODA A-TEAM, a full 12-man team (INI10/TQ10/MOR10)
The team setups hidden on the 4th floor of the hotel.  They have access to the heavy artillery.  They have two AT-3.

The insurgents start with four regular insurgent guard teams (INI6/TQ8/MOR12) onboard
1xLdr AK, 1xAK, 1xRPK, 1xRPG (AP2/AT2M)
And one sniper team
1xSpotter, 1xSniper (INI6/TQ10/MOR8)

Each time an ODA or VDV/Spetnatz team engages with automatic rifle fire roll a D6, on a 5+ a team of insurgents will arrive at the start of the next turn.  Each reinforcement is randomly selected from Primary or Secondary reinforcements.

Reinforcing insurgents are on a D6
1-2 Regular INI6/TQ8/MOR10
4-6 Irregular INI6/TQ6/MOR12

From turn 4 onwards roll a D6 4+, if successful the insurgents receive a T-55 (INI6/TQ8/MOR8)

Each time an AP3 or AT3 weapon is used within 6” or fired at a target with 6” of the Mosque roll a D6, on a 5+ a mob of 10+D10 will arrive.  Mobs will attack all combatants within 12” of the mosque once they become violent.  They become violent on seeing an attack from or at a target within 6” of the mosque.  Mobs are game controlled, and will attack the target or firer, whoever is closest to the mosque.

Mission Special Rules:
Where is the ambassador, he is either in the stockade or mosque, one arriving at one of the other the VDV/Spetnatz roll a TQ, on a success roll a D6, on a 4+ the find the ambassador, if he fails to be at one location he is automatically at the other location.
Who is the ambassador, the ambassador is dressed as an insurgent leader.  If the ODA Sniper team has LOS to the ambassador at any time they roll a TQ, on a failure they will try shoot him.
Ivan Ivanovich?  The stockade and mosque each contain 6+D6 prisoners, each group contains 3 Russians, a successful TQ is required to obtain each of the Russians.
Who is a suicide bomber, at both locations the insurgents have planted an insurgent suicide bomber, AP5/AT1.  The bomber can be spotted by the VDV/Spetnatz on a successful TQ when activated, otherwise the bomber will explode on a TQ6 4+ without allowing an interruption.
HIND.  The HIND can be called in to attack or pick up the ambassador.  The three locations where the HIND can be landed are marked on the map.
Confusion.  Each time the ODA attack in LOS of the Russians the Russians will attempt to interrupt on a successful TQ.
HVT.  The HVT is in one of the guard teams, the insurgent player records which team he is in.  Each insurgent team which arrives may have a HVT on a D6 roll of 1.  The HVT will upgrade the TQ by +1DShift.
SMAFU - Situation Malikastan – AFU.  The streets of Malika City are full of traffic, like the mobs vehicles are moving.  If the insurgent player rolls a VBIED one of the cars in the city becomes the VBIED, randomly and secretly selected, all vehicles on the road (not parked) are moved.  A VBIED is difficult to spot and requires a successful TQ with a -1DShift.

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