Sunday, 17 November 2013

Washing Day in Azmakassar (AAR)

A jubilant mood swept through the frontier town of Azmakassar.  A change from the despondency of the days earlier in the week.  Several days ago a force of British armour and infantry had smashed into the invading Hotakistani force and roughly pushed the Hotaki's back into Azmakassar, the British had then advanced to the Azmakassar Ford to cut off the supply route to the Hotakistani's to the south of the river.
The British Armour and Mechanized Infantry must cross two bridges, run a gauntlet of Malikastani infantry and insurgents and exit to the west.
The Hotakistani MTLBs had been unable to resupply their southern forces while the British held the ford.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the British had over extended.  With the Hotakistani armour licking its wounds the infantry and insurgents pushed forward to cut-off the British and destroy them.

The British realizing their situation had become untenable departed their new defenses and headed west towards the road and onward to FOB Break-bone.  A force of UN Uruguayan and AUSAF US Special Forces hastily moved to keep the road open.  In the middle of the night with a new Moon rising the British left their laager to head down a road that would be known as Hell's Highway.  All that stood between them and freedom was a platoon of turncoat Malikastani soldiers and two bands of insurgents...and a lurking HIND gunship...and two batteries of 107mm Rockets.

The insurgents laughed that they were going down to the river to do the washing, to wash their land of the dirty westerners.

With the new Moon rising over the eastern horizon the British began their escape.

The British started their breakthrough with a light barrage of all the enemy units between themselves and safety, two enemy soldiers were wounded in the barrage.  The front Challenger now probed towards the bridge, spotting enemy troops in the scrub across the first stream they opened fire.
The Challenger was soon joined by two Warriors (with infantry on-board) and the second Challenger.
The initial British surge wounded hit the advance Malikastani hard, forcing them back.  In the rear the infantry in the third Warrior debussed to deal with insurgents to the rear.  And then the HIND arrived...  Mark has done an excellent job with the nice looking QRF HIND.
The two Warriors and second Challenger fired on the enemy forcing them back with a few wounds.  To the rear the infantry in the third Warrior debussed to  deal with the insurgent scourge in the rear.  The Malikastani Lieutenant jumped on his radio and called in the supporting HIND, the HIND swept in an fired an AT rocket at the lead Challenger.  The hit destroyed the Challenger's gun, the Malikastani's were a tad miffed at not seeing a fireball!
A bat's eye view of the HIND vs. Challenger.

With no AA the HIND was to enjoy the King of the Battle role through the battle, but in all its attacks it only managed to damage two vehicles and destroying a single Warrior.  The 107mm Artillery played no part in stopping the British, the British "forced" the Hotakistani side to burn most of its activations and thereby used his initiative to a 100% in controlling the battle.  Behind the British main line the Malikastani's moved onto the roof of a compound to bring RPG fire down on the British.
The British advance over the first bridge, the HIND returns to try destroy the Warrior on the bridge, but to no avail.
The British now began their crossing of the bridges.  The insurgents arriving at the battlefield hardly had a single RPG amongst them, and the Malikastani turncoats had only three.  Though many RPGs were fired only one ever did any damage (at the very end of the battle!).  The British slowly whittled away at both the insurgents and Malikastanis, and when the insurgents managed to contact a battery the 107mm rockets proved highly inaccurate and not one rocket found its target.

The British moved forward once more, with the second Challenger bogging twice during its attempt to cross the stream.  The HIND returned and immobilized the lead Challenger with a hit on its rear.  The Malikastanis and insurgents danced the Dance of Premature Joy.

The HIND returns and destroys the lead Challengers engine.  Its crew remain in their pillbox bringing fire to bear until the end of the fight.
The British continue to advance, one Warrior detouring around the immobilized Challenger.  The second Challenger escapes the faecal strewn canal and drives headlong into the Malikastanis
The British now pushed hard to bring fire to bear on the surviving Malikastanis, a Warrior shot up and bypassed the infantry while second Warrior and Challenger moved up.  Insurgents from Azmakassar started to arrive on the north side and all ran at top speed down the road to attack any infantry bailing from the tanks.
A close-up of the developing fight near the Golden Holden.
Insurgents in the building above the Challenger fired rocket of rocket into the British tanks without doing more than scouring a little armour from the vehicles.  The surviving Malikastani infantry started to feel like a sandwich as the British closed, surrounded and pummeled them in the stream.

The British squad and Warrior that remained as the rearguard destroyed the insurgents to the rear, though not without a few moments of danger.  An insanely advised assault on two British soldiers by four Malikastanis ended with 4-0 win for the British.  The rearguard mounted their vehicle and followed the now distant comrades.  They stopped and destroyed the insurgents advancing along the lateral road, but then the HIND returned and destroyed the Warrior, the crew and passengers bailed with two wounded.  The survivors then fired on the surviving insurgents in the lateral road and wiped them out and then the British fell back into the ruins and poppy fields and escaped on foot (though counted as VP to the Malikastanis)

The HIND returns to destroy a Warrior.
Back at the Golden Holden an RPG from the Malikastanis finally managed to destroy a Warrior, the crew and passenger bailed
A close-up of the final fight around the Golden Holden
The British managed to then move two of the surviving Warriors off board with their full crew and passenger compliment.

OUTCOME: British Decisive Win (Hotakistanis: 38 VP vs. British 77)

Mark played really well, burning our activations.  I think this was the best use of initiative I have seen.  The Fickle Finger of Fate also played a roll..role...  The AT rolls by the Hotakistani/Malikastani side were amazingly poor compared to the armour rolls of the British.  The HIND was a mean piece of equipment, and if I play the insurgents/Malikastani turncoats/Hotakistanis I hope to see that beast more often!  If the more attack helicopters arrive I think we will need the sides to start to obtain AA!  Or pick AA reinforcement cards.

An enjoyable day of gaming.

To top off the day, a surreal moment for me driving home when a Golden Holden appeared at the railway crossing!  The Golden Holden has been in nearly all our games, has been smashed by artillery, driven over by tanks, blown up on mines...but it still appears!  Spooky!

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