Thursday, 11 July 2013

Eureka! The day is saved - The Eureka 15mm Russians are ready to help the UN

The Russian president's spokesman has declared that Russian paratroopers have been in Malikastan for over a week to ascertain the situation.  His declaration comes a day after the Russian news program reported that 80% of the drugs on Moscow's streets originated in Malikastan.  On the news program it showed the UN supported organization Malikastain Organization For Upgrading the Community (MOFUC) had poppies growing in its very gardens.  The Russian spokesman added that the Russian road construction crews were in dire need of rescue, and as both the UN and Hotakistan had showed no regard for the Russian citizens the Russian president felt it necessary to come to the assistance of the overstretched UN and had ordered the landing of Russian VDV forces into Malikastan.

( I now have a platoon of Russian Paras and a platoon of Heavy weapons, and Mark now also has a platoon, so they will come to the rescue of the UN!)  My painting skills not up to the cool Eureka Miniatures 15mm Russians :-/ )
The Russians search for poppies.

Russian HMG teams support the search using their scopes.
"The VDV will land and alleviate the stress on the UN.  Our intervention will allow the UN to divert reinforcements to the beachhead on the Indian Ocean coast," declares the Russian president.
The camo, four colours did not come out as visible as I intended!
He added that Russia would remain neutral and he hoped he could land the independent peace broker from the UK in Malikastan and have invited the UN and Hotakistani commanders to come and discuss peace.
Eureka 15mm Russians take up position to save Malikastan.  I put a little too much dust, but it will wear off
Finally, he wrapped up the announcement, "We will not allow the UN or Hotakistan to profit from selling their drugs on the streets of Moscow!"
The Russians invite the UN and Hotakistan to come and take a knee in the Field of Peace.
The president was questioned on the fact that the UN alleged the crew of the S-300 AA systems were Russians ended the news conference.
The RPGs are for self-defence only

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