Friday, 12 July 2013

MISSION: They are like zombies!

Following the aborted UN attempt to oust the insurgents from the central legations in Malika City the insurgents have realised the embassy's, consulates, NGO offices and civilian contracting firms are there for the taking.  The victorious insurgent surge through the legation district, with celebratory fire they approach the centre of the legation district.

Unbeknown to the insurgents a US ODA team and pro-UN Malikastani infantry stand in their way.  The ODA awake to hear insurgents nonchalantly strolling past their hide.  The ODA had set themselves a mission to find the bodies of their commander and her HQ and the Australian SASR that had been killed in the battle earlier in the week.   Some insurgents had hung some of the bodies from the roof of the "Malikastani Organization For the Uplift of Civilians" building.  The ODA team awoke from a quick sleep the night before to see the body of their beloved commander hanging from the building across the road.

As they were about to exit and retrieve the bodies their radios bleeped.  General Phil Graves had parachuted onto the runway at Malika Airport.  The great-grandson of Field Marshall Douglas Haig has arrived to take over command of the entire UN force in Malikastan.  General Phil Graves orders  the ODA to make contact with a Malikastani platoon searching for the Malikastani president.  Just then gun fire erupts outside the Russian consulate.  Moments later General Phil Graves sends a second order, “Save the Russian consulate staff, he is calling for help.  He is a priority, we do not want the Russian's to intervene.”
The ODA commander swears, all he wanted to do today was recover the displayed bodies.  Now he was to play babysitter for two men he had little to no respect for.  But orders were orders (-1DShift to ODA morale – campaign event). 
Before the end of the day, a ODA soldier says, "They are like zombies...endless, mindless zombies!"

The next mission, have a look and send in modifications then we can play.  Balanced as a 2-legged dog.

8 turns

UN Force holds initiative for entire game.

UN Force:
ODA (two teams of six, failed Fatigue force loses 3 men) [INI10/TQ10/MOR8]
Malikastani Platoon
2 HUMVEES (un-crewed and broken down)
155mm Howitzer Battery

Insurgent Force:
HVT Force
Haqiqa Mob
Two Ground Attack Fixed Wing Aircraft with bombs and rockets.  Can either attempt to attack targets of opportunity (spot target in open only and on a TQ6) or can be directed onto a target by an insurgent Forward observer.  If attempting to attack targets of opportunity on a roll of 1 the UN player may redirect an attack onto any insurgent unit or building.

Each floor of each building has a TQ 4+ chance of containing D3 civilians which each side wants to “rescue”.  If found and moved as dependants to the two exits that side receives 2VP per person.

Five hotspots start on the edge and each turn they move 1D6”.  A hotspot in possession of the enemy does not move.

Here are the campaign forces available to the players:

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