Monday, 8 July 2013

15mm RG-31 Mk5/6E MRAP (Nyala) in Eureka 300 Club

15mm RG-31 Mk5/6E MRAP (Nyala)
US RG-31 in Iraq [image courtesy of US Army via Wikipedia]
I asked Nic Robson at Eureka Miniatures to add the RG-31 to the 300Club and he was kind enough to add it.  If you want to help get this miniature available in 15mm head-over to Eureka 300 Club (link below) and "place an order" for how many you would like.  You are not charged until the miniature goes into production and you are then contacted to confirm the number of miniatures you require.

Over 2,600 deployed in military and peacekeeping roles around the world.  Deployed by at least twelve countries, including Spain, Canada, USA, South Africa and the UN.  The US alone acquired 1392 for the USMC, 516 for the Army and 50 for Special Forces.
Spanish RG-31 (Afghanistan) [image courtesy of ISAF via Wikipedia]
The vehicle has been used from Kosovo to the Sudan to Afghanistan.

Plus it is cute.

You can be first in line to impress your friends and family with your convoy of RG-31s.  Give your miniatures the mine resistance they deserve!
Force on Force RG-31 Stats
Not sure what symbol NATO uses for MRAPs, here is one I have surmised :)
Head over to Eureka Miniatures and join the 300 club for 15mm (and if you want the 100 club for 20/28mm).

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