Friday, 8 March 2013

UN Edict & Hotakistani Holy Decree

A spanner by any other name in the proverbial works!

A two day long emergency Security Council meeting in New York has delayed reinforcements to the UN forces.  Major Heidi Clare was infuriated to discover that her reinforcements she was promised have been delayed until the emergency meeting report has been ratified.  The Chinese and Russian representatives eventually decided not to veto the resolution to attack Hotakistan, but at a price.

The UN spokesmen declared that Major Heidi Clare had failed in her duty to protect the legation district and would be replaced as soon as possible.  She has been ordered to immediately secure the legation district and  then escort the embassy staff and NGO staff to the airport for evacuation.

The Russian and Chinese price for agreeing was the UN forces on the ground must immediately render assistance to the Russian contractors and secure the Chinese mine.  The Chinese, however, refused to allow the UN to use their airstrip at the mine in case it incited the Hotakistani's to attack their asset.  Major Heidi Clare has also been ordered to immediately recapture the "Mad Bomber".

The Holy Council of Three of Hotaki has decreed that the Holy Shrine of Hotaki must immediately be secured (Area 14) and that all the non-believer civilians are to be used as Human Shields to stop the UN from bombing the Holy City of Malika.

The Holy Council also released a Holy juristic edict for the execution of Major Heidi Clare and Major D. Zaster.

1) Who holds the embassy staff gains an extra reinforcement per turn per civilian unit held.
2) If the UN do not secure the Russian contractors by the end of Turn 3 the Russians will send in an independent force, which will not allow UN forces in the same location or to fly over that location.  The Russians will then move towards Malika City and will engage any forces in their path.  The plight of the Russian Contractors has become a personal crusade of the Russian president.
3) Hotakistani's fighting in the same location as Heidi Clare or D. Zaster automatically have their morale increased to 12.  The Hotakistani's may also reroll any request for paratroopers or special forces until one of the targets is eliminated so long as the force moves directly to the locations containing the two targets.
4) Major Heidi Clare has been given a ODA special force unit to assist the Australian SASR in hunting down the "Mad Bomber" in Malika City, and a Air Recon unit.
5) Even though Heidi Clare has abandoned the legation district she has earned great respect on the battlefield and proven she is also a good tactical leader.  She improves any unit within 6" and LOS TQ+1DShift and MOR+1DShift.  Additionally, a force including Major Clare receives an extra D8 during initiative checks.
6) The Mad Bomber has been venerated as a Saint and insurgents are flocking to be near him.  In missions which include the Mad Bomber the insurgent player may choose to reroll the primary insurgent reinforcement each turn or reroll the Hot Spot dice.

Have fun!

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