Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Campaign Turn 3 begins

Turn 2 of the Escalation campaign is done.  We managed to play three of the missions, and rolled off two.  Though the UN won the three battles they were unable destroy the Hotakistanis.  Though, the Hotakistani forces are suffering severe fatigues.

The UN has stopped the Hotakistani main advances on Forward Operating Base Breakbone, cleared out some of the insurgents on the road to the engineers who are repairing the airfield to the SW.  The UN Engineers have repaired Poslednyaya Nadezhda airfield and now C-130's can begin landing, unless AA or air interdiction interdicts the reinforcements.  On the east bank of the Malika River the Hotakistani's made some progress in pushing through the defenders.

Malika City – Major Clare press conference at an undisclosed warehouse on the western edge of the city.  Several reporters that were embedded with the UNSAF-EM HQ were present to hear a briefing by the de facto leader of UN forces in Malikastan

“Our forces have managed to hold all the Hotakistani thrusts and are readying themselves to push the invading Hotaki and Haqiqa forces out of Malikastan.  We envisage a short and sharp campaign which will last days rather than weeks.”

Q. “Major Clare, Al Bebee’sea reporter O’Shane, several embassy’s have criticized you recently for abandoning the defenses of the legation district?”
A. “Unfortunately the details of the operations in the city are classified.”

Battle 1 – The fight at Ok Koreli madrassa
French forces cleared the Ok Koreli district south of FOB Breakbone, thus securing the bridge and road to the abandoned Russian airfield to the south of the Azmari Dam Lake.  The insurgents were decisively defeated by a French mechanized infantry platoon supported by an armoured car platoon.

French (UN): 40VP Haqiqa (Hotakistan): 18VP – Decisive Defeat of Haqiqa
French Mechanized Infantry Platoon (BBX) +1 Fatigue (fought battle)
French Armoured Car Platoon (BB8) +1 Fatigue (fought battle)
Haqiqa Foreign Fighters (X2) +4 Fatigue (fought battle, lost battle, decisive defeat, gave away +25VP)
Haqiqa Local Fighters (33) +3 Fatigue (fought battle, lost battle, decisive defeat)

The Haqiqa Foreign Fighters (Fatigue 7) do not retreat (TQ8: 7).  The Haqiqa Local Fighters (Fatigue 5) are routed and disperse not to be seen in the war again.

Battle 2 – Ambush at Bab Al Harra – Decisive defeat of Hotakistani armoured column
British mechanized infantry supported by a platoon of Challenger tanks decisively halted the advance of a heavy armoured column between Azmakassar and FOB Breakbone.

British (UN): <25VP Hotakistan: >25VP
British Mechanized Infantry Platoon (BB1): +1 Fatigue
British Armour Platoon (BB2): +1 Fatigue
Hotakistani Heavy Armour Platoon (AZ3): +4 Fatigue
Hotakistani Medium Armour Platoon (AZ4): +3 Fatigue

The Hotakistani Heavy Armour (Fatigue 8) do not retreat (TQ8: 8), the Hotakistani Medium Armour (Fatigue 6) are broken and in the rout are destroyed.  Hotakistani unit AZ4 is no longer combat effective.

Battle 3 – Retaking the airport gate
US and South African infantry attacked from Malika City and captured the airport gate and administration complex.

South African Infantry Platoon (L1): +1 Fatigue
US Infantry Platoon(L2): +1 Fatigue
Hotakistani Parachute Platoon (A3): +4 Fatigue
Haqiqa Local Insurgents (A4): +3 Fatigue

The Hotakistani Parachute platoon (Fatigue 6) hold the line (TQ8: 7) and the Haqiqa insurgents (Fatigue 5) fall-back (TQ6: 2) and are destroyed (MOR12: 4)

Battle 4 – Hunting HVTs – ROLLED OFF
An Australian SAS unit has entered Malika City to hunt down the chief of the Haqiqa.  The city streets are packed with hundreds if not thousands of insurgents.  The SAS have hunkered down to wait for the insurgents to thin out.

Battle 5 – Across the river – ROLLED OFF
A column of Hotakistani BMP were able to cross the causeway over the Malika River in pursuit if the retreating UN forces.  The UN forces halted and took up defensive positions on a ridge overlooking the river.  ATGMs vs. BMPs.

With the BMPs and BDRMs approaching chaos struck the UN ranks, the infantry falling back in disorder, the HUMVEES and Cougars did not realize the line had failed and engaged the advancing BMPs with TOW and Javelin.  A mechanised infantry platoon in BMPs attacked, supported by a platoon of BDRMs.  The thin UN (UN TQ8: 1) line was smashed (Hotaki TQ8: 5) by the Hotakistanis.

US Infantry (JJ2): No Fatigue taken leaving it at 5
US MRAP Platoon (JJ1): +4 fatigue making it 6

The US Infantry platoon (JJ2 TQ8: 7) rallied to hold the line, the MRAP platoon (JJ1) was overrun (TQ8: 5) and destroyed (MOR10: 1).

 Turn 3
UN receives 3 2-dot Staff and a Special Forces interdiction unit
Hotaksitani receives two 2-dot and 1-dot Staff, a Special Forces interdiction and three insurgent interdiction units.

The commanders must now select their reinforcements.

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