Thursday, 14 March 2013

Campaign Turn 3 - The Hotakistani make their moves

The Hotakistani HQ has pulled back from their attack towards FOB Breakbone after suffering several defeats at the hands of Major D. Zaster.  The Hotakistani's appear to have moved their axis of attack eastward and are sending most their forces south towards Malika City.  They have also sent a force to attack the UN blocking forces between Malika Airport and Poslednyaya Nadezdha.  The main north-south highway between Jazira'janub and Malika Cirt has become a focus for attacks well.  In Malika Cirt the insurgents have all moved to take Hotaki's Tomb in the southern part of the city (south node area 14).  Across the river at Jazira'janub they continue to try expand their bridgehead to the east of the river, and insurgents move to take on the UN Ghanese recon platoon.

More seriously, the UN has become aware that the Hotakistani are moving a nuclear bomb into Malikastan. The UN Security Council has warned Hotakistani against using WMDs.  The Hotakistani ruling council replied that the "true luminosity of Saint Hotaki will be revealed".

Major Heidi Clare has radio'ed that her circumstance is dire in southern Malika City, defending the legation against the hordes of insurgents she has her HQ unit, a ODA unit and a Malikastani commando unit.  She has demanded immediate reinforcements by air, but with the battles to the south of Malikastan taking the focus of the UN commanders her demands have fallen on deaf ears.

Over to the UN commander to make his response to the Hotakistani moves

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