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Mission Briefing - To catch a Mad Bomber

Mission Brief - To Catch a Mad Bomber

An informer has told the UN that the Mad Bomber is having a meeting at the NGO offices of Malikastani Organization For Unity Creation.  The UN has mounted a special forces operation to capture/kill the HVT and rescue hostages that he reportedly is using as human shields.

We decided to make this mission more organized and therefore a full briefing.  On the day the mission victor is who holds the HVT or if he is alive or dead.  For the campaign the VP also count.
View centred on the NGO Malikastani Organization For Unity Creation Building - Where the HVT The Mad Bomber is believed to be spending the night
Operation: Capture of the Mad Bomber.  The Mad Bomber was captured in a UN raid earlier in the year and imprisoned in the main jail in Malika City.  When the Hotakistani invaded Malikastan dozens of sleeper cells erupted across the city.  One of the cells let off a truck bomb at the jail and allowed all the inmates to escape, including the Mad Bomber.  The Mad Bomber has now taken command of some of the cells.  The US has sent in an ODA team to recapture the Bomber.    Major Clare has assisted by sending in her unit of the Australian SASR.  The US also will have a predator drone above the city, unfortunately it only has a single Hellfire.

The ODA team has infiltrated the northern edge of the Legation district and are ready to attack the target building.  Informers indicate the target is located in the NGO “Malikastan Organization For Unity Creation” (MOFUC).  The SASR are driving four vehicles towards the target location to exfiltrate the HVT.


ODA enter from position V or VI


The SASR choose to enter on MAP a or MAP b.  Then move through one of the maps A, B, C, D, E or F to reach the main map.  Where they enter on the main map depends on which route they have selected.
The 8 route maps.  When you enter a map you roll a D8, and enter with 6" of one of the red arrows.  You exit through the blue arrow areas (within 6") and enter the next map at the point designated on the MAP.  The D8 exit arrives at a random point on the Main Map.

Victory Conditions

UN Victory Conditions:
Primary UN Mission: Capture (15VP) or Kill (10VP) (with body retrieval) the HVT known as the Mad Bomber
Secondary UN Mission: Per rescued western hostages 1VP/hostage
Tertiary UN Mission: Kill unit commanders to disrupt chain of command (1VP per leader)
All teams exit the south of the main map: +5VP
All teams exit the south of the main map in transport: +5VP

Hotakistani Conditions:
Mad Bomber Survives Mission & on map: 12VP
Mad Bomber Survives free and off map: 6VP
Mad Bomber Killed and left on map: 3VP
Per Western Hostages not rescued: 1VP
Per SASR/ODA Killed: 1VP
Per SASR/ODA (not driver) Captured: 5VP
Per Vehicle captured or destroyed: 1VP

UN Forces

Main Map Mission Units, enter from III or IV
ODA (full 12 man ODA, INI12/TQ10/MOR12) [TQ12 when breaching]

ODA Special Rules:
1) Stealthy
2) Suppressed Weapons
3) NVG
4) Smoke Grenades
5) Battle Armour +1
6) Advanced Medical
8) Breaching experts, with on breaching man were team, move and breach.
9) ODA capture enemy after close combat on a 1 or 2 on a D6

SASR Convoy
Fire team 1 (4): x1 M4, 1x M4+UGL, 1x SAW, 1x Marksman w/AT-4
Fire team 2 (4): x1 M4, 1x M4+UGL, 1x SAW, 1x Marksman w/AT-4

US Army Drivers: x4 w/M4 (INI8/TQ8/MOR10) NVG
MRAP (0.5) - [Crew 1+10+(6extra)]
Humvee (AGL) - [Crew 1+4+(3extra)]
Humvee (0.5) - [Crew 1+4+(3extra)]
Humvee (TOW2) - [Crew 1+4+(3extra)]

SASR Special Rules:
1) Stealthy
2) NVG
3) Advanced Medical
4) Battle Armour +1
5) Smoke grenades
6) One AT-4 per team
7) Vehicles roll D10 INI while SASR are within vehicles, otherwise D8
8) SASR team starts on MAP [A] or [B] by rolling a D8 and finding the entry point.  They then choose an area to move off the map.  The units then enter on a single location on the maps [a]-[f], they then exit the second map onto the main map.

Hotakistani Forces

Main Map
Hotakistani Insurgents (INI6/TQ8/MOR12 Regs) (MOR drops to D6 if Mad Bomber killed or captured)
Units in the NGO Building are specified under the special rule section.

Setup on map prior to start:
Roll three D6 and place a guard patrol at each rolled location (green on map).  On a 6 the insurgent player can select the spot.  Patrol is setup in the street closest to the point.  Roll a D6 to select the patrol type:
[1-2] 2 w/AK, 1 w/RPK, 1 w/RPG (Medium AP2/AT1 Md)
[3-4] Leader w/AK, 2 w/AK, 1 w/RPK
[5] 3 w/AK, 1 w/RPG (Medium AP2/AT1 Md)
[6] 4 w/AK

Main Map Reinforcements
At the beginning of each turn roll for reinforcements and roll a D8 and then roll a hotspot D8:
[1] D4 w/AK
[2] Leader w/AK, 2 w/RPK, 2 w/AK
[3] Leader w/AK, D6 w/AK
[4] Leader w/AK, 1-2 w/RPG
[5] Weapon Team (2) w/PKM
[6] Mob 2D6 w/AK
[7] Technical w/PKM
[8] Technical w/70mm RCL

Route Map Insurgent Reinforcements
One reinforcement per turn per map at a Hotspot.  Roll D6 and then roll Hotspot.  Reinforcement are (INI6/TQ8/MOR10 Reg) unless otherwise noted.
[1] 2 w/AK, 1 w/RPK, 1 w/RPG (AP2/AT1 Med)
[2] Leader w/AK, 1 w/AK, 1w/RPK, 1 w/RPG (AP2/AT1 Med)
[3] 3+D6 w/AK
[4] Technical w/PKM (AP2)
[5] Untrained mob 2D6 w/AK (INI6/TQ6/MOR8 Irregular)
[6] 1 w/PKM, 2 w/AK
As a UN moves onto a new 1foot square part of the route boards roll a random event D6:
[1-3] Nothing
[4] Civilian Mob in road, insurgent places within 9” of convoy
[5] Insurgent player may place good roadblock within 6” of convoy
[6] Insurgent player may move poor roadblock within 6” of convoy

Special Rules

1) Saint Mad Bomber.  The insurgent player may either reroll the type of reinforcement on the Main map or the Hotspot dice roll each turn.
2) Predator Drone.  The UN has one predator drone armed with a single Hellfire missile.  At the beginning of each turn the UN players must decide the board that will receive the drone.  Only the ODA or SASR may direct the predator to fire.  Predator will remain to observe.  No out of sight movement on map where predator is observing.
3) Roadblocks:

  • Mob – A mob of civilians in the road, must use tactical movement to traverse, may use rapid but lose 1VP.
  • Poor Roadblock, first vehicle to encounter must pass TQ to break through the roadblock.
  • Good Roadblock, vehicles stop moving, and in next turn must pass TQ to break roadblock, more than one vehicle may attempt to move through.

4) UN has initiative for the first 8 turns, then roll normally.
5) Hotakistani Insurgents count as regulars except they must roll a TQ to activate if they have no leader.  This is to demonstrate the confusion at night, that only some leaders are able to overcome the issue.
6) Environment. The mission is at night with a half moon.
7) Insurgent movement rule.  If insurgent have not spotted special forces they move towards the sound of gunfire or the engine noise of a Rapid moving vehicle.  They will use rapid movement towards the firing units and will move until enemy is in LOS.  Priority is given to the closest gunfire, then distant gunfire, and if there is no gunfire any rapid moving vehicle.  If noise then move in a random direction, units moving off the map are lost.  If gunfire is heard from the NGO building make a TQ for the unit that is activated, it will move towards the NGO building if it passes the check instead of the closest gunfire.
8) Jittery.  Insurgent patrols will move around randomly (direction by D6”), also, roll a TQ, on a 1 the unit fires at an imaginary target.
9) MRAP may carry 6 more than capacity and the HUMVEEs 3 more than capacity, but suffer a -1DShift on Casualty Checks
10)  The Hotspots on the Route Maps are placed by the Insurgent player, they may be placed anywhere, so long as they are separated by at least 8".
11) Terrain.  All building afford 2D protection.  Qalats are 3D8 strength and concrete buildings are 6D8.  All ditches requires a TQ to pass or bog.  Large canals or rivers require two TQ to cross.  Ploughed fields must be crossed at Tactical Speed or Rapid Movement with a TQ, if failed the vehicles immediately stop (but do not bog, they merely lost control).


12) There are 8 rooms in the NGO target building.  No unit may move in the building until they hear small arms fire, then they must pass a TQ to move.  Each room has a chance of containing the following.  All units in the build are resting until the first breaching explosive or non-suppressed gunfire.  On entering each room roll a D8:

  1. Mad Bomber w/AK + 4 w/AK (INI8/TQ8/MOR12 Reg w/Body Arm+1) OR Nothing if already found
  2. Mad Bomber w/AK + 4 w/AK (INI8/TQ8/MOR12 Reg w/Body Arm+1) OR Nothing if already found
  3. D10 Western Hostage, 1-2 guards w/AK, 0-1 Suicide Bombers (AP-4 Explosive Vest)
  4. D8 Western Hostage, 1-2 guards w/AK, 0-1 Suicide Bombers (AP-D6 Explosive Vest)
  5. Empty
  6. Empty
  7. D8 w/AK (INI8/TQ8/MOR12)
  8. Arms Dealer.  A Russian arms dealer is in the building talking to the Mad Bomber.  He has a team of four men with him.  If he is captured the UN player receives +5VP.  The Russians are all armed with SMG (INI8/TQ8/MOR10, NVG, Body Armour +1) OR Nothing if already found.
Following the first audible gunfire within 6" of the NGO building the insurgent player can start to activate rooms.  The player selects a room that has not yet been activated and rolls a dice.  From then on the occupants of the room may activate on a successful TQ.

Colour images of the route maps
Colour image of the Main map
Random Cards 1 and 2

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