Monday, 25 March 2013

AAR - To catch/kill a mad bomber

Four of us played the mission at the Grange Football Club.  The mission briefing can be found here:

The ODA team (a) finishes off the one patrol, while the second ODA team at (b) wipes out the two insurgent patrols (C). Two insurgent teams reacting to the fire move up (d) and (e).  Once again the mysterious Golden Holden is present!
The ODA team split in two, moving stealthily along each side of the walled orchard.  Both teams soon bumped into insurgent patrols, in the north the ODA opened fire on the unsuspecting insurgents, dropping two severely wounded.  They then assaulted the survivors and finished them off.  There would be no prisoner taking on this night.

The south team saw a patrol moving north through the ancient city wall. They opened fire, the unsuspecting insurgents never knew what hit them, they fired but found no targets.  A second insurgent team joined the first and they joined them in Paradise. The fire alerted a few insurgent patrols and two of them moved towards the fire.  Both were to pay with their lives for running to the sound of the guns.

The northern ODA team moved along the north alley of the NGO building and there neutralised another patrol of insurgents.

The southern ODA team then tried to breach the back door of the NGO building, and after three attempts could not open the emergency exit doors.  The northern ODA then went through one of  the front windows into an empty room.  But then they tried to breach a second room only to find their breaching explosives would not explode.  Finally the southern ODA blew down the emergency exit door and surged into the large hall on the ground fall.  A single hostage was surrounded by three men with AKs and a man in an explosive vest, two of the insurgents died immediately, the suicide bomber tried to blow his vest, but fumbled, and then died.  The hostage was freed.

The northern ODA then cleared the second ground floor offices. A Predator spotted a team of insurgents forming up on the roof of the NGO building, a Hellfire exploded amongst them and three of the four insurgents were eliminated.
The Predator drone fires at the insurgents on the roof of the Malikastani Organization For Unity Creation building.
The Golden Holden!
The southern ODA moved upstairs and breached the first room, in the room were five men, in a sharp and short melee the five occupants were killed.  One of the dead was The Mad Bomber.  One of the ODA team was killed in the fight.  The ODA bagged the insurgent's body and moved down to the ground floor carrying their fallen comrade.  The northern ODA joined them and exited the building, they saw a few insurgents taking cover in the buildings across the road, but held their fire.

The gunfire at the NGO building had drawn more insurgents, but behind the insurgents was a lost UN fire team from the US Army, the men followed the insurgents and then attacked them in the open area in front of the building, they gave and received.  Two of the UN soldiers were wounded, and two of the insurgents.  A Cougar drove up and the SASR on the 12.7mm finished off the last insurgent in the road.  The SASR convoy had arrived, one vehicle down.  It had travelled through the winding roads and fought of several ambushes. One of the uparmoured HUMVEE's had been destroyed en route and two of the SASR section were seriously wounded.

[The Tale of the Route March to be added here]
The convoy negotiating the tight streets (HUMVEES from Peter Pig and the MRAP Cougar from QRF (with a turret from Rebel Minis))
One HUMVEE down, the survivors boarding the MRAP Cougar/Mastiff
The ambush.  
The HUMVEE's joined the Cougar and they the ODA started to board the vehicles, a group of four insurgents on the second floor decided this was their chance and opened fire, but died before they did any damage.  Following the convoy was a Toyota Hilux mounting a PKM, it fired into the rear of the HUMVEE to no effect.  The UN force returned fire blowing a front tyre.

The TOW on the HUMVEE spotted an RPG gunner in a a building overlooking the exfiltration route, a TOW missile left the HUMVEE and smashed the window on the second floor and exploded at the rear of the building, killing four further insurgents who were moving through the rear of the building.

The convoy began its exit, firing at the RPG gunner, the RPG gunner fired, but it was a dud.  The Cougar and two HUMVEEs then raced past the building.  A group of three lost Hotakistani paratroopers spotted the convoy and raced to intercept the convoy, the paratrooper RPG gunner knelt to fire, but as he fired the Cougar vanished around the corner.

The mission was over. Major Heidi Clare had the body of the Mad Bomber and a rescued hostage.  The mission had cost the SASR two wounded and the ODA one dead.  Major Heidi Clare in an interview on a satellite phone said, "We got him the second time, there will not be a third time."

The reporter at the other end of the phone asked.  "Firstly, do you think this will satisfy your critics that you should have flown out the Mad Bomber when he was first captured?  And, secondly, I have heard a rumour that the man killed was The Mad Bomber's brother?".  Fortunately the satellite phone dropped out before Major Clare answered.

The chief spokesman of the Haqiqa insurgency in Malika City is reported to have said, "He [The Saint/The Mad Bomber] has double the virgin, not seventy two, but a gross virgin."

Comment: Scenario was finished by turn 11. The convoy arrived on turn 9.  The D10 special forces out fought the D8 insurgents with amazing results.  The insurgents barely touched the special forces.

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