Monday, 18 March 2013

Bloodbath at the Motorpool (Turn 3 Mission 1)

We played the first mission of Campaign Turn 3.  An attack by a British and South African infantry platoon on a position defended by Hotakistani Paratroopers and insurgents.  The fight was at the motorpool at the main UN base at the Malika City Airport.

Lieutenant Tokoloshe told the British Army lieutenant that he was running low on ammunition.  The British Army officer said the attack needed to go in within the hour as the US and the other South Africans would be attacking from the NW that morning.  Tokoloshe said he was well aware of the attack, but that his men were critically low on ammo.  He asked the British officer to hold off the attack for an hour while he and his HQ searched the massive stockpiles within Malika City airport. 

The British officer realized he too was running low on ammunition, and the CSM had not appeared with the replenishment.  To the NW he heard the sharp report of gunfire.  He had no time to wait, he ran over to the South African corporal, Nkulunkulu. “Corporal, we have no time to wait, we have to attack now.”

The Corporal replied “Sharp”.  The British officer pointed out several pre-fab buildings and a motorpool, “See the two storey buildings, we need to get those secured, then we can observe the whole enemy force.  I will attack through that compound and trees.  Can you move around the left flank, and attack from there.”

“Yebo”, nodded the corporal.
The Field of Battle
The Hotakistani commander moved up to the roof of the repair shop which was his HQ.  His sniper team reported seeing enemy moving towards his position.  At first he could not make out any movement to the south of the pre-fabs, then his sniper let lose several rounds.  The UN forces soon replied, peppering the building to his left.  He told his men to hold fire, and ambush the UN when they were closer.

An Apache gunship fired its last remaining Hellfire into the building with the sniper, the roof collapsed in a cloud of dust.

The Hotakistani commander was unable to rouse the insurgents, he was alone.  British moved up to attack the two-storey building, one of the snipers had died from his wounds, light mortars began to land amongst the Hotakistani defenders, but not with much effect.  The Hotakstani paratroopers defending the lower floor of the building were overwhelmed with the heavy fire power and fell back out of the building much to the chagrin of the paratrooper commander.

On the western flank the South Africans now appeared in the tall grass behind the motor pool repair shops.  The Hotakistani paratroopers held their fire while the South Africans moved in from the NW and the British moved into the pre-fabs south of the road.  When the British moved across the road they attacked, seriously wounding three British soldiers.  The breaching charges failed to explode and the South Africans decided to instead assault through the front garage doors.  A second South African section moved through the car park, one South African, Private Pieterse made an epic jump over the wall, received much abuse from his comrades who merely walked around the end of the wall.

On the eastern flank the British infantry now assaulted the two-storey admin building, the defenders fell back before the assault and then assaulted the British in the house, to no avail, they were cut-down and the admin house now belonged to the British.  The Hotakistani commander could not let this happen and assaulted the British, now on the 2nd floor.
The Hotakistani's about to assault the admin house after it was taken by the British
An insurgent technical with a PKM drove up and attacked the South Africans’ in the tall grass.  A South African RPG hit the truck which destroyed it, the three insurgents bailing out.
South Africans neutralize the first technical to arrive.
A second technical arrived armed with a Dushka, before it could open fire an AT-3 rocket from the admin building turned the vehicle into a mangled ruin.
The British on the 2nd Storey of the ruined admin building neutralize the 2nd insurgent technical.
South African flank force surprised by two armoured vehicles.
The Hotakistani's assault the British who just destroyed a paratrooper fire team
The British in the pre-fabs now assaulted the main repair garage, charging in on four Hotakistani paratroopers, in an epic struggle which ended in men using their bare-hands the British were triumphant, with one of their men killed.  The paratroopers HQ 2nd Fire-team went to the rescue of their now fallen comrades, assaulting the British in the garage, in the end three of the British soldiers were killed and one captured.

Two captured BDRM now arrived in the grass field, and attacked the South Africans, though two South Africans received wounds the RPG gunner destroyed one of the BDRM, while grenades from the two South African lance corporal’s MGLs destroyed the other.  
The two light armoured vehicles ablaze after being hit by RPG and  Milkor MGL fire.
The South Africans’ now assaulted the 2nd garage, a private was killed as he charged, the rest of the fire team hit the para’s hard and in a very quick fight it was over, two of the para’s dead and a third captured.
The End - South African blue hats kill and capture the Hotakistani's while the last three paratrooopers alive in the adjacent garage ponder what to do: die or surrender.
The last para’s fell to accurate British GPMG fire, and by mid-morning the fight was over.  The UN had captured the motor pool and repair workshops.  The one captured British soldier was freed when his captors surrendered to the South Africans.

UN VP: 59
Hotakistani VP: 21

Decisive Victory to the UN

Lessons learnt: Never expect what you expect.  I expected 4-6 insurgent reinforcements in the game, I got two!  And both were technicals which stood little chance against AT-3s and RPGs

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