Sunday, 14 October 2012

AAR - The Siege at Malika City

A South African sergeant sat in the gatehouse bunker smoking.  He shared the bunker with three other South Africans, he swore for the nth time, "Fouk et".  The US spotter in the water tower had reported seeing "hundreds" of insurgents moving towards the perimeter.  All that protected this portion of the legation perimeter were the four South Africans and four Malikastani Policemen.  He did not think much of the Malikastani Police hiding up in the half built building near the gate.  Then again, he thought, better them up there than having them down at the gate itself.

A US HUMVEE accompanied by four Uruguayans moved up to support the South Africans.  In the bunker the Sergeant swore again, carefully laid his smoke on the parapet, and flicked the safety off his Melkor.  He sent a stream of grenades at two advancing mobs, the three rifleman joined in with their R-4's.  Above the din the sergeant heard a engine screaming as a vehicle hurtled at the bunker, he dove to the ground shouting for his men to "Plaaaat!"
An explosion destroyed the bunker, but other than ringing ears, and an obliterated cigarette, the four men escaped from the smoking ruin.  Insurgents in the building across from the bunker and the two advancing mobs ducked the car bomb blast and continued their advance.  The South Africans retreated to the roof of the building to the east of the gate

For months the Haqiqa had diligently spent days digging a tunnel into the legation district, now four Haqiqa crawled along the tunnel and climbed out at a ruined bus stop.  They saw a HUMVEE parked   on the treelined road and hesitated.  While they hesitated a group of Blackswan bodyguards walked up behind them and opened fire at a stone's throw distance on the unsuspecting insurgents.  With two grenade launchers, two SAWs, and more ammo than any sane man carried they obliterated the Haqiqa.  A US Army team joined in to ensure there were no survivors, but their help was not needed.  The US Corporal told the Blackswan bodyguards to guard the tunnel and ensure no more insurgents came through.  After the initial carnage, twelve had died at the tunnel entrance, no more came.

The Malikastani Police in the building above the gate did a remarkable job stopping advancing insurgents and shot down several insurgents in the building across the wall.  The HUMVEE moved forward to cover the wall where the insurgents were about to breach, as it took position a RPG destroyed it, the three crew bailed and returned fire at advancing insurgents.

The insurgents breached the wall and three large groups burst through.  Firing at the South Africans on the roof, downing them all.  The Uruguayans realised the South Africans were doomed if they did not receive help.  They ran forward, firing at the advancing insurgents and taking up defensive positions, and giving aid to the downed South Africans.
It was not to last, dozens of insurgents burst onto the roof and in a vicious fight the four Uruguayans fell.  They then turned on the two surviving South Africans and felled them too.

Meanwhile, the MANPOL team moved from their building an ran to give support to the US team that had moved up to the destroyed HUMVEE.  Unbeknownst to the MANPOL sergeant one of his team was wearing a suicide vest, the man exploded, miraculously the blast blew over the Americans, but the nearby British GPMG took the blast, bowling over three of them.  Just as the Americans recovered an insurgent ran up to them and exploded a second vest, one American was badly injured.  Seeing the Haqiqa mobs massing for an assault the US soldiers fell back across the road.  Only to be charged by another mob, they managed to shoot three of the Haqiqa before they were overcome.  The Blackswan bodyguards stepped around the corner and fired into the jubilant Haqiqa killing them all.

Across the road the HUMVEE crew fell back to the embassy building.  Running upstairs to find six cowering staffers.  A mob of Haqiqa burst into the embassey yard, the two crew members fired at the mob, but could not stop it, across the road the Blackswan's opened up, suppressing the mob, through this fire four Haqiqa ran, up the stairs, but the two US crew had moved the staff into a back room.

A second VBIED was making its way through the barricades, but as it approached the Blackswan's, the pick-up was peppered with bullets and grenades exploded in its cab the vehicle rolled upside down into the embassey wall.

Two platoons of UN soldiers broke through and wiped out the last few Haqiqa inside the legation walls.  Hundreds of insurgent bodies littered the ground.  Sixteen of the UN force had died, including three Malikastani police who died in the treacherous attack by one of their fellows.  The woes of the legation district were far from over.

A down-to-the-wire game, the insurgents were able to break into the embassy  but it was a Last Hurrah! as the staffers fell back from the final attempt at an assault.  The main assault had been stopped at the door when the insurgents were shaken.

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