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Mission - The Siege at Malika City

This is a small gap filler until the campaign kicks off.  In case we have nothing to play :)

The Siege at Malika City
Following the unleashing of the Hotakistani invasion and the Haqiqa uprising the UN contractors and staff from dozens of embassies fell back on a series of legations in Central Malika City.  The majority of defenders were civilians, press, aid workers, NGO staff and a sprinkling of security forces from several countries.

“It was like waking up to find the world had gone zombie” wrote a private security staffer.

At 10am the same orders were heard on both sides, “To the barricades!”

UN Forces: Stop the Haqiqa from killing the embassy staff
Haqiqa: Kill embassy staff
Save More than Killed = UN Win

Turns: 8 – Haqiqa start with initiative, roll from turn 2
UN Force (all have body armour)
Setup anywhere in zone 1, there is a bunker that can fit a 4 man team at the gate.
1 Team of South Africans (INI6 TQ8 MOR8) 1 w/MGL, 3 w/AR
1 US HUMVEE w/0.5er (INI8 TQ8 MOR8 Confident) two crew w/AR
1 Team of Uruguayans (INI6 TQ8 MOR8) 4 w/AR
1 Team of Malikastani National Police (MANPOL) (INI6 TQ6 MOR8) 2w/AR, 1wRPK, 1w/RPG

Setup in embassy (the embassy staff are immobile and refuse to move) - Top left building on map.
Six civilians (INI6 TQ6 MOR6) all armed with pistols

Enter from friendly edge, pass TQ to enter for each team at beginning of Turn 2 onward.
1 Team of British (INI8 TQ8 MOR10) 1 w/GPMG, 3 w/AR
1 Team of US Infantry (INI8 TQ8 MOR10) 1 w/AR, 1w/UGL, 1w/SAW, 1 Marksman
1 Team of Private Security Bodyguards (INI6 TQ10 MOR8) 2w/UGL 2w/SAW 1/Shotgun (+1FP)

Haqiqa (INI6 TQ6/8 MOR10) – IRREGULAR – One action per turn.
Setup 4 storey building:
1 w/RPG, 2 w/AK, 1 w/SVD (Marksman) – Ignore Special Rule 1
Turn 1 (enter from edge, each unit may not enter within 4” of one another):
                              Pick-up truck – VBIED – 8D8 8” Blast
                              Mob A 10+D6 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
                              Mob B 6+D6 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
                              Mob C 1 w/RPG, 1w/RPK, 2 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
Turn 2 (enter from edge):
                              Suicide Squad, 4 w/Explosive Vests (6D8 6” Blast, TQ to explode)
                              Mob D 10+D6 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
(enter through tunnel to hotspot)
               4 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
Turn 3: (enter from edge)
                              Mob E 2D6 w/AK (incl. D6 4+ 1 leader, D6 4+ 1 w/RPK, D6 4+ 1 w/RPG)
Mob F 2D6 w/AK (incl. D6 4+ 1 leader, D6 4+ 1 w/RPK, D6 4+ 1 w/RPG)
(enter through tunnel to hotspot)
               4 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
Turn 4: (enter through tunnel to hotspot)
                              4 w/AK (incl. 1 leader)
Turn 5: (enter from edge)
                              Mob E 2D6 w/AK (incl. D6 4+ 1 leader, D6 4+ 1 w/RPK, D6 4+ 1 w/RPG)

Special Rules
1.      The Haqiqa on intent on breaching the legation district, and will only shoot after moving at least 4” towards UN forces (if shot at they may return fire).  They are a little better than the average insurgent and can perform two activations per turn.  Wall breaching is made with a TQ6.
2.      The Haqiqa have trained for close combat rather than ranged fire, their ranged fire is TQ6 and their close combat is TQ8.
3.      The Haqiqa have been digging a tunnel into the legation district for a few months,  The Haqiqa player places 5 Hotspots inside the legation (at least 6” apart), on Turn 2 roll a random hotspot, from this turn onwards the tunnel reinforcements will arrive at this hotspot, remove the remainder.  Hotspots must also be more than 2" from any building.
4.      Green-on-Blue.  The Malikastani National Police have been infiltrated by the Haqiqa, one of the Malikastani police members is a suicide bomber (6D8 4” blast).  At the beginning of each turn roll a TQ for the police, if the roll is a pass the Haqiqa player may move the Malikastani Police and if wanted may attempt to detonate the bomber on a second TQ.  The Malikastani Police will never be closer to a Haqiqa unit than any of the other legation defenders, and will have to move to be further away.
5.      The private security guards are gung-ho and do not get an In Cover Defense dice.
6.      The UN forces are thrown together, when a team leader dies make a TQ to see if another team member steps forward, otherwise the team is now leaderless and requires a TQ to activate (may still react).
7.   Road Barricades.  A vehicle cannot pass through the barricades when using Rapid Movement.

CAMPAIGN-WISE: The fight takes places in Malika City, The City of Gardens.  In the south portion of Malika City, near the old fort, is the legation district (Location 14).  With the numerous suicide attacks and roaming bands of Haqiqa the majority of the foreign civilians, and  a fair bunch of Malikastani leaders, have fallen back onto the fortified legation district.  The forces involved in this mission are drawn from the following units:
The Haqiqa have at least four organised platoons in the city.  One led by an HVT.  The units in this fight come from M1 (INI6 TQ8 MOR10) and are fighting defenders from MC1 and MC2.  The minor Malikastani force is not shown here as a platoon.

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