Thursday, 25 October 2012

Malikastan Escalation Campaign - Turn 1

M and A played the first turn of the Escalation campaign.  Both did things I was surprised by, and therefore I am happy with the general design as they did not do what I thought "obvious".  After playing the asymmetrical portion of the campaign for over a year we now kick off the more symmetrical campaign.

A total of 6 missions were generated, we will probably try play at least two of them in the next 2-3 weeks, and hash out the mission generation rules for the campaign.  Two asymmetrical missions and four regular.  Two of the mission include the Malikastani forces.  Two of the missions involve MBT platoons, and three involve mechanised infantry.  So a good mix.  The UN has decided to rest its artillery assets, while the Hotakistani's have unleashed three batteries of 107mm rockets.

Here are the missions:

We did not have time to play this one, so roll-off battle occurs
Hotaki Malikastani TQ vs 2+ score 6 (Primary Attack Unit)
UN Mountain Platoon TQ vs 2+ score 5 (Primary Attack Unit)
UN Armoured Platoon TQ vs 2+ score 1 (Not In Battle)
UN Malikastani Infantry Platoon TQ vs 2+ score 2 (Secondary Attack Unit)

Hotaki Malikastani final TQ: D8

UN final TQ: D10 (+1 DShift for two platoons, +1DShift Arty and -1DShift for attack Defences)

Roll: UN D10: 10

Roll: Hotaki D8: 1

UN win a decisive victory, +1 Fatigue to UN platoons (FAT3+), +3 Fat to Hotaki Malikastanis (FAT5+)

Losing unit rolls TQ8 vs Fat5+ and scores 2, the Malikastanis rout, and then roll MOR8 vs. Fat5+ and roll a 1, and therefore are destroyed.

Summary.  The UN Mountain troops, supported by a platoon of loyal Malikastani T-55s attacked the pro-Hotakistani infantry in the patrol base in Bahijandal.  The attack quickly overwhelmed the defenders and during the rout the defenders were destroyed or melted away. 

Roll-off battle occurs D6 vs 4+: 5 BATTLE OCCURS

Haqiqa Insurgents TQ6 vs 2+ score 5 (Primary Defender Unit)
UN (UK) Armoured Platoon TQ8 vs 3+ score 5 forced to reroll scores a 7 (Primary Attack Unit)
UN (UK) Armoured Platoon TQ vs 2+ score 1 (Not In Battle)

Haqiqa final TQ: D8 (D6 +1DShift for Arty support)
UN final TQ: D6 (D8 -1DShift attacking Defences)

Roll: UN D6: 5
Roll: Haqiqa D8: 4

UN wins, +1 Fatigue to UN platoons (FAT3+ and Fat4+), +2 Fat to Haqiqa Insurgents (FAT4+)

Losing unit rolls TQ6 vs Fat4+ and scores 2, the Haqiqa fallback, and then roll MOR12 vs. Fat4+ and roll a 6, and therefore safely retreat to Azmakassar.

Summary.  Major Zaster attempting to gain time attacked the recently lost Patrol Base 55 with a platoon of Mechanised British Infantry supported by three Challenger tanks.  He decided to rest his artillery.  The Patrol Base was defended by a platoon strength unit of Haqiqa insurgents supported by two batteries of 107mm rockets and a Haqiqa ground-attack aircraft.  The British attacked, though their tanks failed to co-ordinate and the infantry went in without their support.  The Haqiqa support artillery and air failed to halt the attack and the insurgents fell back to Azmakassar.  The British now occupy the Patrol Base. 

Roll-off battle occurs D6 vs 4+: 6 BATTLE OCCURS

Haqiqa Insurgents X2 TQ8 vs 2+ score 1 (Not In Battle)
Haqiqa Insurgents 33 TQ6 vs 2+ score 6 (Primary Defender)
UN (French) Mechanized Infantry Platoon TQ8 vs 2+ score 7 (Primary Attack Unit)
UN (French) Armoured Recon Platoon TQ8 vs 2+ score 1 (Not In Battle)

Haqiqa final TQ: D6 
UN final TQ: D8

Roll: UN D8: 1
Roll: Haqiqa D6: 1

UN DRAW, +1 Fatigue to UN platoons (FAT3+ and Fat3+), +1 Fat to Haqiqa Insurgents (FAT3+)

Summary.  Major Zaster attempting to gain time sent the French contingent across the river to deal with the growing insurgent threat to the derelict air strip and his Line of Communication to Malika City.  Once again the UN was unable to co-ordinate the armour and the infantry.  The UN French attack was a dismal affair, but the Haqiqa insurgents were equally dismal.  Little gun fire was exchanged.

Malika Airstrip Addendum: UN includes support from attack helicopters (Fatigue 3+).
Played 3/11/12.  UN Victory 29 vs. 17 points.  UN units MA1 Fat4+, MA2 Fat 5+, Hotaki Para A1 Fat4+ and Haqiqa Insurgents A2 Fat4+ 
Played at club meeting.  DRAW, UN HQ L3 FAT3+, Malikastani MP1 FAT3+, HVT Insurgents FAT3+ and Haqiqa Insurgents MC3 FAT3+
Roll-off battle occurs D6 vs 4+: 3 NO BATTLE

The situation at the end of Turn 1 is as followed:

A nice start, I am looking forward to playing any of these six missions, knowing that a Pyrrhic Victory is no victory at all.

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