Saturday, 11 August 2012

MISSION: Save the day

Following the overrunning of FOB Oxus by insurgents the survivors have attempted to escape to FOB Breakbone.  Unluckily they bumped into a Hotakistani armoured unit in the night and were scattered with losses.  In the early dawn Lieutenant Tokoloshe managed to corral several of the survivors and skipped south around several roadblocks, with fuel and ammo running low the convoy has lost communications as well.  The survivors are starting to panic as they are hit by small ambushes and fear another brush with the Hotakistani’s.  Major D. Zaster has ordered PB55 to send out a mounted platoon to find and direct the convoy to safety.  The commander of PB55 has two platoon’s to select from the operation: a US Army and a USMC platoon.  He is concerned from reports that his patrol base may be attacked soon so is not very happy with the order to send off half his men.

After losing contact with the convoy the Hotakistani’s have been desperately searching for survivors throughout the day.  The Hotakistani 5th Armoured Brigade as sent out insurgents to set up ambushes to intercept the convoy before it can join with UN forces west of Azmakassar.  Several small mobile armoured units have followed the insurgents to supply firepower when and where the convoy is caught.  Meanwhile, the 5th Armoured Brigade has sent an armoured platoon, a mechanized infantry platoon and a company-worth of insurgents to destroy PB55 after nightfall.

Malikastan is about to return to the headlines around the world.

UN Convoys (INI6,TQ8,MOR8) – (Lt Tokoloshe gives a +1Shift to INI for all convoy vehicles with 6”)
From turn 1 to 4 roll for 2 convoy parcels (each is unique so only one of each is allowed), D10:
11.      x2 Ratel 20 ea w/section (-D3 men) - SA
22.      Ratel 60 w/HQ (Lt Tokoloshe) & Ratel 90 - SA
33.      Ratel 20 w/section (-D3 men) - SA
44.      VAB 0.5RWS w/squad (-D3 men) – French
55.      VAB 0.5RWS w/squad (-D3 men) – French
66.      Peugeot P4, VBL 0.5” – French
77.      x2 Truck w/D8 Contractors – (non-combatants)
88.      x3 Truck ea w/D6 squad – Uruguans
99.      Warrior w/section of 7
110.   x3 Land Rovers w/Engineering Teams (lightly armed)

UN Rescue (INI10,TQ8,MOR10)
The UN Rescue force arrives via point (b), D3 per turn, starting with vehicle 1 and ending with vehicle 6 (ex. On turn one you roll a 2, there HUMVEE 1 and 2 arrive):
11.      Humvee 0.5 – 2 crew + 3 dismounts w/M4, M4UGL, SAW (+2 AT-4CS)
22.      Humvee AGL – 2 crew + 3 dismounts w/M4, M4UGL, SAW (+2 AT-4CS)
33.      Humvee TOWII – 3 crew
44.      WMIK – 3 crew (+2 AT-4CS)
55.      WMIK – 3 crew (+2 AT-4CS)
66.      WMIK – 3 crew (+2 AT-4CS)

Local Insurgent Ambush (irregular - INI6, TQ6, MOR10)
Setup the ambush by marking their positions on the map within the designated ambush area.
11.      2w/AK, 1w/RPK, 1w/RPG
22.      1 Leader w/1AK, 2w/AK, 1w/RPK, 2w/RPG
33.      Weapons Team, 1w/PKM, 2w/AK
44.      IED (remote) AP6/AT5 (Md) – Remote TQ6 4+ to hit target
55.      AT Landmine (TQ6) – AP0/AT5 (Md) – Each vehicles passes mine may be attack D6 of 5+
66.      Ramming Minibus (TQ6 to ram a vehicle, on D6 4+ immobilize target, otherwise cause vehicle not to move for one turn)

Reinforcements from Azmakassar (regulars INI6, TQ8, MOR10)
Each turn reinforcements arrive at one of the hotspots.
               Infantry reinforcements:
                              1-6 w/AK + 0-1w/RPK, 0-2 w/RPG
               Vehicle Reinforcements, D3:
1.      T-55 (INI6, TQ8, MOR10, confident)
2.      x3 Pickups with GPMG, HMG
3.      Scorpion (INI6, TQ8, MOR10, confident)

Turns: 8
Initiative: Turn 1 UN, roll from Turn 2 onwards
Victory Points
1VP per vehicle exiting at point (b)
1VP per infantry fire team (3+ men) at point (b)
1VP for destruction of enemy unit

Azmakassar Insurgents
1VP per KIA, SW or capture
1VP per vehicle destroyed

Mission Special Rules:
11.      Convoy Movement – The convoy has broken up into several parcels of vehicles, two will randomly enter from point (a) for the first 4 turns.  The convoys will not use rapid movement unless they are escorted by US troops. Each convoy parcel will move at D6”+4” (5-10”) per turn, when a convoy meets another convoy it will form a single convoy.  Each vehicle in a convoy will stay at least 2” from one another.  Convoy parcels will never leave a road unless following a US rescue vehicle.  Furthermore, whenever a parcel of UN reaches a road intersection the direction the parcel takes is randomly selected, unless they are escorted by a US vehicle or a US team is situated within 2” of the intersection.  If a US vehicle is visible from the intersection and they make a “wrong turn” you may roll a TQ to “change their minds” and head towards the US vehicle.
22.      Convoy Jittery Fire – Whenever a convoy comes within 6-12” range of a US team and has LOS roll a TQ, a failed TQ results in one turn of friendly fire from the leading convoy vehicle.
33.      Hotspots, setup 5 hotspots within 6 inches of any edge except within blue zone.
44.      Instead of receiving an infantry reinforcement the insurgent may try obtain a vehicle.  Roll a D6, on a 4+ a vehicle reinforcement arrives, otherwise no reinforcements arrive.  Vehicles arrive on the edge at any hotspot within 4” of the edge.
55.      Warriors, WMIK and HUMVEEs have anti-remote IED tech.  They cannot call 81mm Mortar Support while the IED tech is on.
66.      The UN Rescue units can call in 81mm Mortar Support, one crew member of one of the HUMVEE and one of the WMIKS is a forward observer.
77.      RPG: D6 1: Dud, 2-5: AT1, 6: AT2

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