Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Three linked scenarios

Wow, did not realise we have been dormant since May!  Last club meeting we played a scenario out of Operation Freedom which was fun, but now its time to head back into the chaos that is Malikastan!

The end of Patrol Base 55
Three linked scenarios to escalate the campaign

The day of the 15th of June had been a day of chaos across Malikastan, a massive insurgent attack had almost overrun the central UN airfield at Malika City, and in the north, the UN FOB Oxus had been destroyed.  The UN spokesperson, Major Heidi Clare, announced that the attackers had been destroyed, though the fuel dump and a dozen aircraft were destroyed.  She added the mopping up operations would continue into the night as stray insurgents were tracked down and dealt with.  She also said at least 50 UN staff had been killed.  She was unable to confirm or deny the rumour that the provincial town of Azmakassar was “full of tanks”.  She merely added that reporters should not believe idle rumours.

Unbeknownst to the UN forces the neighboring Hotakistan was about to make a bid to conquer Malikastan.  Early on the following morning the Malika City UN airfield was bombed and strafed by fighter-bombers believed to be Hotakistani.  Suicide bombers detonated across the city and all non-satellite comms went down.  The radio and TV stations were in the hands of insurgents who started broadcasting at 7am.  Footage showing what appeared to be a paratroop and helicopter attack on Malika City airfield was aired on CNN, but they added that it was likely footage of a Malikastani training operation.  By 9am the UN HQ in Malika City has been leveled by double truck bombs and the HQ at the airfield had been “annihilated” by suicide bombers.  FOB Breakbone has had intermittent communications with high command through the morning, the situation appears to be dire at best.

In all the chaos Lieutenant Tokoloshe of the South African UN contingent at FOB Oxus has managed to regroup the survivors and is attempting to reach the safety of FOB Breakbone.  His panic stricken convoy has become lost in the fields to the south of Azmakassar.  Before he lost communications he radioed Major D. Zaster requesting guidance to the Patrol Base 55.  Since 10am no further communications have been received.  In the late afternoon Major D. Zaster on receiving no further communications has requested Patrol Base 55 to send out a Humvee patrol to find and direct the FOB Oxus survivors.

The US platoon, mounted in HUMVEES, was to immediately secure a safe route for the convoy through the narrow lanes in the farm complexes south of Azmakassar.  In hot pursuit of the ramshackle UN convoy were vehicles and tanks of the Hotakistani army.  Hundreds of insurgents have responded to the call and are descending on the likely route the UN convoy is taking, some local insurgents have already laid ambushes.  The  US Platoon commander has been told that he is unlikely to receive air support, but could call on the 81mm Battery at PB55.  The 105mm howitzer at FOB Breakbone would also not be able to give fire support as it had been ordered to conserve ammunition.

Scenario 1: Save the Day
A retreating UN force followed by Hotakistani regulars must run a gauntlet of insurgent ambushes, while a US Army platoon arrives to clear the route.  With darkness falling time is running out.

Scenario 2: Khe Sanh Déjà vu
The survivors from “Save the Day” arrive at PB55 just in time to be embroiled in an all out attack to overrun the outpost in the middle of the night.

Scenario 3: Exit Left
The determined attack on PB55 has only grown more intense through the night, with dawn approaching the encircled survivors of the previous night’s attacks organize a breakout.

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