Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Week 8 Operations

Major Zaster stood in front of the map board, “Gentlemen, …and lady, we are still here.  Last week was trying on all of us, I think we all realize that the ‘turning AK’s into ploughs’ is not going to happen on our watch.  We still have a job to do, keep the peace until the election in two weeks time.  As you realize from the absence of post and parcels the MSR is still closed.  Though we do have a freezer truck full of frozen McDougal Chicken nuggets...[wild sarcastic applause]…

Please remember, our ammo stocks are poor and therefore please control your men’s fire discipline.  That’s all.

The missions for the week:

Operation It’s a Trap
This will be an advance to ambush mission, we will entice the insurgents in the ruins below the FOB to expose themselves by giving them a tempting target.  We will then spring the trap.  The insurgents will no doubt lament that “It’s a trap.”!  Major Zaster ignored his adjutant who said, “The rebels were the good guys in that one!”

Find.  Fix.  Destroy.

Objective: Clear the insurgents from the area around the FOB (Area 71).
Force: French - You will have the full platoon(19) a sniper team, FOO (mortars), JTAC, and medic, and 2 VAB's if you require them and three supply trucks (the bait).  Rules of engagement are all contacts are hostile. Attack at night, using NVG's.  You will also have the FFL Recce to assist the French platoon by providing fire support. (4 VBL's + 1 AMX10RC).

Mission?  The French force descended on the insurgents in the moonlit night, the insurgents did not run from the threat, they intend to fight - Mission takes place.

Operation There and Back Again
No grumbling!  Yes, we have been there before.  Once our French friends have cleared the ruins you are to move through their position and immediately clear the houses at the bottom of the serpentine road.  We have been contacted by elder Ghan Bari.  You may remember him, he is the eastern insurgent leader.  Until last week he was our enemy, our CIA friends have bought him in from the cold, and recovered the lost Humvee.  He seems to have had a falling out with his mates from Hotakistan.  He has agreed to lead us to the Haqiqa insurgent cell and assist us in clearing them from the hamlet.

Objective: Clear the insurgents and deny the enemy the use of the buildings.

Force: British - after the French have cleansed the area around the FOB, clear Area 66 of insurgents. Proceed there with the platoon (18), plus a sniper team under cover of darkness, using NVG's, and attack at dawn.

The mission takes place

Operation Imodium Engaged
General Wibble has called the caravan route north of Azmakassar “a torrent that is a pain in the arse”.  We have been tasked to put a stopper in this gun and drug runners route.  The two objectives are to stop the gun runners heading southward and intercept any drugs moving northward.

Objective: Ambush bomb layers.  Intercept the arms and drug smugglers in the valley north of Azmakassar

Force: British Desert Patrol - while the French are clearing the area around the FOB, move out and clear insurgents from Rahthkabir (Area 54); then proceed to Area 43 (bypassing Azmakassar), and set up a road block to interdict gun runners and smugglers coming from Hotakistan. You are expected to remain in the area for 2-3 weeks, so take sufficient supplies. Use initiative - withdraw if seriously threatened, and inform the FOB of your situation.  

The insurgents in Rahthkabir were caught in the act, a firefight ensues.

Operation Return to Sender
Lieutenant Heidi Clare has requested that we capture (“save them from the clutches of the evil…”) some young foreign students so we can send them back to their countries of origin to show that “we care”.  She said we are in desperate need to show the world we are here to help everyone, including misguided youths.  This will be a hard fight, but the objective is to bring home prisoners, don’t try do more.  We need to find the youth camps, smash them hard, and “rescue” a few survivors.

Objective: Destroy all insurgents AND capture 1 or more foreign student fighters.

Force: USMC - Using the platoon (34), the 5 up-armoured Humvees, and a FOO (artillery), clear Area 53 of insurgents. Air support may also be available.

The insurgents feel they outnumber the UN, they intend to teach the USMC a lesson.

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