Saturday, 4 February 2012

Campaign Update: The Malikastan Greater Campaign

With Malikastan starting to hot up into conventional warfare I thought it was time to show the Malikastan map.

BTW we are still looking for a Hotakistan strategic commander.  It is actually a good post :)

The gist of the campaign is that the Hotakistani neighbours who have been driving the insurgency have now invaded Malikastan before the elections.  The surprise attack led to many UN forces being routed or destroyed.  With all Malikastan's neighbours  not willing to allow UN forces to use their nations as bases and the strong AA of Hotakistan it means the trapped UN forces have little with regards to airsupport.  There task is to capture or rebuild an airstrip, disrupt supply lines, capture territory to allow air invansion and act as a diversion when the UN invade from the west.  The Hotakistan commander must resist them and capture Malika City.  In Malika City the westerners and UN forces have fortified the legation district and are besieged.  The Hotakistani commander must keep supplies rolling, ensure AA is in the right place, track down and destroy surviving UN forces.

The insurgency has changed character too, many local insurgents are unhappy with the invasion and now appear to be pro-UN.  The MANA soldiers are another issue, pro-UN or pro-Hotakistan?  Who knows.

So, anyone out there want to command the Hotakistan holy war to recover the tomb of Hotakii and free Malikastan from western influence?

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