Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A fear of painting white overcome! QRF's UN South African Ratels and Rooikat

I have finally overcome my fear of painting white.  Well, partially as I used Vallejo's Off White.  I recently purchased QRF's Ratel's and Rooikat intending to paint them up in UN livery.  The unforeseen issue was the UN livery is white!  I have run screaming into the night several times contemplating painting white.  The thought of shading white alone caused by knees to wobble and me to utter wibble wibble.

Anyway, one week later I have my UN Platoon (vehicles), the troops are on the way, with their nice blue helmets and hats.

With regards to QRF's models.  They have nice detail, though you need to clean up the left side a bit.  The Ratel's wheels are a bit oval, but if you place the minor axis ground down it looks good.  The guns are good and strong.  The Rooikat is superb.  All vehicles have enough detail to to shade.

Paint: Vallejo Offwhite, Vallejo Grey Black, and with GW Black Ink+Green Ink on silver (windows).  Dirt was GW brown, and then Vallejo weathering pigment (red and yellow mixed).

I am happy with the outcome, though not classy they are playable (the good old 3foot passing paint job).

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