Thursday, 9 February 2012

Week 8 Mission 1: It's a Trap

The French squad moved through the ruins keeping the two supply trucks in sight, while the VBLs and armoured car swept around the ruins to the east.  The French found the ruins deserted, the trucks continued onward to Patrol base 55.  The French Lieutenant radioed his boss to report that they had not made contact.  Then the fan was clogged.  Splutter, splash, splash.  The trap is in a trap itself. Anyone want calamari?

Terrain rules: The buildings are all ruined and contain numerous mouse holes.  Roll a TQ to move through any compound wall.  When a unit enters or setups in a building for the first time roll a D6, on a 4+ the roof is intact, otherwise the roof has collapsed or is too weak to hold the weight of a human.

Conditions: Night.  All French and insurgent regulars have NVG.  Dawn breaks on Turn 8+ when a D6 roll of 6 is rolled.

Length of Game: 10 Turns, continues to turn 11 and 12 on a D6 roll of 5+.

Night: The scenario takes place at night.  All UN forces are equipped with NODs.  The regular insurgent are equipped with NODs.  From Turn 9 onwards twilight may begin, roll a D6, on a 5+ the sky lightens and the visibility doubles, i.e. Targets beyond normal optimum are elusive (opposed TQ p135) and firepower is halved at double optimum range.

Artillery Support: 81mm Mortar Battery (AP:4/AT:2 (L)) (4˝ radius) Only the Platoon Leader, JTAC, FOO and the Sniper Team may direct the artillery.

Air Support: AC-130U Spooky II (25mm Gatling Gun (AP5/AT2(M) vs. deck), 40mm Bofors L/60 (AP4/AT3(L) vs. deck) and 105mm((AP8/AT2(M) - 6˝ Blast Radius)), will only fire on targets designated by the JTAC.  They will continue to fire at the designated target (even if it moves or the target is destroyed) until the JTAC orders otherwise by passing a TQ.  The Spooky leaves as soon as dawn breaks. The Spooky 105mm drift is less than normal and therefore the three D6 are rolled with the lowest score indicating the drift.

Danger Close Rule.  Any UN team within 12" of an artillery or Spooky attack may not move, but must instead seek cover.  No attack may be made within 6" of a known friendly unit.  No UN force may move within 12" of a artillery/Spooky target on the turn the attack occurred.  Any UN force with 18" of a Spooky target must pass a TQ or fire with a -1DShift.

Objective: Escape the trap.  The French squad must exit off the south edge (right edge of map) to obtain 15 points.  They must exit without losing more than 2 KIA and 4 Serious Wounds.  All serious wounds must be exited.

French Forces 
UN French (TQ8/MOR10) - 2XP Cards - 19 Personnel forming platoon with: JTAC, FOO, Medic, Sniper Team.
French FL Patrol (TQ10/MOR10) - 4x VBL (1 w/Eryx), 12 personnel, 1x AMC10RC (TQ8/MOR10) and two VAB (TQ8/MOR10).
The French player may designate two of the UN French to carry Breaching Charges.
The French initiative is D8.
The French carry their usual alottment of AT-4, each VBL also carries one AT-4.

Insurgent Forces:
Two types of troops: Foreign Students (TQ6/MOR12) who enter on Hotspot 1-4, otherwise if Hotspot 5 or roll of 6 on Reinforcement 1 then Regular Commandos (TQ8/MOR10).  The insurgent initiative is D6.  Insurgents have two forces, of Strenght 5 and 4 and therefore the table of reinforcements is (not that the insurgents roll reinforcements on Turn 1 onwards, however, on turn 1 the insurgent reinforcements may not move).  Regular troops have +1 Body armour and always have a leader.

Reinforcement 1
Reinforcement 2
D6 w/AK +1 w/Support Weapon
Suicidal IED (roll for type)
D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon + 1 Leader
1 w/AK + 2 w/Support Weapon + 0-1 Leader
Technical with DshKha or 73mm RCL + 3 crew w/AK
1+D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon + 0-1 Leader
2+D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon + 0-1 Leader
Weapon Team: 1 w/PKM GPMG +1 w/AK (if hotspot roll is a 6 then they may setup in bunker)
4+D6 w/AK + 0-1 Leader
D6 w/AK + Foot Suicidal IED
A “reinforcement 1” on a Hotspot roll of 5 or 6 is a regular unit with +1 Body Armour and always has a leader.

The T-55
The insurgents also have a trump card.  Each turn they may roll to obtain their trump card, the strength of the "trump card" depends on the first turn the insurgent player attempts to call the trump card force.  The trump card is a T-55 tank.  The unhappiness of the tank crew of exposing themselves to early is modelled as: If the trump card is first called before turn 5 then TQ6/MOR10, if it is first called on Turn 5-8 then its a TQ8/MOR10, if it is only first called on turn 9-10 then its a TQ10/MOR10.  The tank enters from a random edge (D6: 1-2 left, 3-4 bottom, 5-6 left).  The vehicle enters play on a D12 roll of less than the turn number.  The insurgent player may reroll the edge by dropping the crews TQ by 1DShift.  The T-55 has IR sites, but does not benefit from being open.

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