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Week 8 Update Part I

By week 7 of the Malikastan Incident the UN fight had come from peaceful coexistence to fighting fleeting insurgents to smashing into a determined foe.  By the end of the week the UNSAF GHQ in Malika City surmised a shift in the insurgents approach.  The change appeared to be at odds with how the insurgency had developed between 2003 and 2013.  The astute managing director of International Asset Security Service Outcomes Limited (IASSOL) informed the Times Newspaper that he saw the events as an indication that the insurgents were moving to the end game, believing the UN would rather pull out of Malikastan than stand and fight.

In Azmakassar District the week had been hectic, from the street battles around McDougal’s Chicken Emporium to the bitter fighting in the ruins below the FOB, the UN forces received nearly as much as they gave.  The only highlights were the rescue of the captured US soldiers and the capture of Akhbal, though that had only been achieved at a high cost.  Major D. Zaster was in a moribund mood on the Saturday night, his HQ staff padded quietly past him, not wishing to be on the receiving end of his ire.  The atmosphere around the FOB and the patrol base was depressed at best.  The entrenched news team dared not interview the soldiers, and when the Major’s adjutant saw the reporter at the door of the command bunker he all but tackled the reporter before the reporter could open his mouth.

There was no way to sugarcoat the losses that the Azmakassar district UN garrison had suffered.  However, they were not alone.  The UN GHQ situation report indicated that all districts had suffered a heightened insurgency.  In total 64 UN soldiers were killed, seriously wounded or missing.  The United Nations Security Council has setup a commission to investigate the situation and will submit an advisory report to the council within one month.

The week saw 14 UN soldiers killed in action in Azmakassar District, a further 9 UN soldiers were evacuated with serious wounds, and the three rescued POWs were sent to Qatar for debriefing before their return to the US.  In total Major Zaster lost 21 of his garrison’s strength.

Summary of Losses:
British: 3KIA, 5 Seriously Wounded, 4 Minor Wounds (one evacuated for further care)
ODA: 1KIA, 1 Minor Wounded
US Army: 9KIA, 1 Minor Wounded, 3 POW (rescued & evacuated)
French: 1KIA, 4 Seriously Wounded, 2 Lightly Wounded

Week 8
Lieutenant General W. Wibble personally informed Major D. Zaster that the Major was the general’s “first priority” for replacements, and promised to bring the Major’s platoons to 100% within two to three weeks.  However, due to the security issues in Malika City no replacements would be forthcoming this week.

However, in the early morning of Sunday a column of 8 WMIK’s and VBL’s led by a AMX10RC appeared over the bridge south of the FOB, the two recce platoon’s had arrived at the FOB:

·         British Desert Patrol (TQ10 MOR10) 12 men in x4 WMIKS + JTAC team in Land Rover (1 w/Javelin)
·         French Foreign Legion Recce Platoon (TQ10 MOR10) 12 men in x4 VBLs (1 w/Eryx) + x1 AMX10RC

With the “lightning flashes on the horizon” the campaign rules will be going through a slight change, the FOB resources are now explicitly defined:

Forward Operation Base Breakbone & Patrol Base 55
FOB HQ (6 LoC) [1MAJ,1LT,1WO,1SM,1SGT]
Support Staff (5 LoC) – stores, cooks etc.
Transport Pool (5 Trucks w/10 LoC)
Maintenance & Workshop (4 LoC)
1x 105mm Howitzer (4 crew)
1x 81mm Mortar Section (2 tubes, 7 crew) [1CPL]
2x MBT (Challenger II w/8 crew) [1LT,1SGT]
1x AC (AMX10RC w/4 crew) [1SGT]
2/3x IFV (Warriors w/9 crew) [1SGT,1CPL]
2/3x APC (VAB w/5 crew) 1 w/20mm, remainder 0.5RWS [1CPL]
2x Recce Tank (Scorpion w/6 crew) [2CPL]
2x Javelin/Eryx Teams (w/5 infantry) [1CPL] – AT Section from French Platoon [8 Javelin]
2x Sniper Teams (w/4 infantry) – 1XP
2x HEAVY WPN Teams (w/6 infantry) – Base Protection (GPMG, AGL, HMG) [1CPL]
1x JTAC Team (w/2 infantry crew) [1LT]
2x FO Teams (w/4 infantry crew) [1SGT]
1x EOD Team (w/2 infantry & robot) – 1XP
2x Dog Teams (w/2 infantry & 2 dogs)
1x Field Medic (w/1 infantry crew)
2x SAM Teams (w/4 infantry crew) – Stinger-style [8 Stinger]
4x VBL Patrol Vehicles (w/12 elite infantry) – 1 w/Eryx [1LT,1SGT,1CPL] [6 Eryx]
4x WMIK Patrol Vehicles (w/12 elite infantry) – 1 w/Javelin [1LT,1SGT,1CPL] [6 Javelin]
1x Land Rover Vehicle (w/2 infantry) [1CPL]
5/6x Uparmoured Humvee (w/12 infantry) – 1 w/TOW-II [1SGT,1CPL] [6 TOW]
1x Interpreter Team (w/4 infantry D8/D8]
1x Embedded Reporter (w/2 non-combatants]

1x British Army Platoon [w/18/30 – 0/1LT, 0/1MSGT, 2/3SGT, 2/3CPL]
1x French Army Platoon [w/19/26 – 0/1LT,1MSGT,3SGT,4/6CPL] (-AT section) – 2XP
1x US Army Platoon [w/19/37 - 1LT,1MSGT,2/4SGT,4/6CPL] – 4XP
1x US Marine Platoon [w/34/42 – 1LT,1MSGT,1/3SGT,7/9CPL] – 2XP

Special Forces HQ [MAJ]
1x ODA [w/11/12 - 1LT,1MSGT,9/10SGT] – 1XP
4x MRAP [no crew]
1x Maintenance Section [w/2 LoC]
1x Transport Helicopter [w/3 crew]
1x Apache Gunship [w/2 crew] – 6 Hellfires
1x Interpreter [D8/D8]

XP is the number of experience cards the force receives if it fights as a complete unit.

New rules for forces:
TQ and Morale:
Infantry: D8/D10
Infantry crew: D8/D10, or if out of vehicle or defense position D8/D8
Crew: D8/D10, or if out of vehicle/defense: D6/D8
LoC: D6/D8 (D8/D8 is seconded to first line unit)
Elite Infantry: D10/D10
Special Forces: D10/D12

A unit can absorb one “lesser” replacement per week without suffering any ill effect, otherwise once per game the opponent may request a single dice rolled by that team to be rerolled.

Initiative of force depends on highest rank of main unit (ranks are simplified, for example British corporal’s are considered sergeants):
·         LT and MSGT may call in artillery and air support
·         Forces without a LT or MSGT may arrive onboard suffering Delayed Entry
·         Units in forces without a LT, MSGT or SGT take one turn to recover from Pin, same as Shaken.

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