Saturday, 28 January 2012

Week 8 Update Part II

The FOB was under constant 107mm attack but luckily they were ineffective.  The US soldiers in the patrol base slept little over the last few days, 107mm and mortar shells rained into the patrol base from Azmakassar and from the green zone to the south.  Once again, the attacks were ineffective.

The resupply convoys could not navigate the MSR and the supply level at the FOB and PB dropped to poor, no helicopter from Malika City was available and the air strip in Malika City was under constant bombardment.  GHQ has promised supplies as soon as the attacks abate.

Intelligence for Major R. Sole
Major R.Sole has discovered that the bomb-maker Bistitnaa Ahliyya La-i-m (BAL) has been spotted in Azmakassar town and possibly also north in the new emirate of Hotakistan.  The special forces have two options: secretly cross the border into Hotakistan and attack search the town north of the border, or stealthy enter and search the locations presumed to hold Bistitnaa in Azmakassar itself.

Special Mission request for Major D. Zaster
Malika City UNSAF HQ has requested priority be given to interdicting the supply route north of Azmakassar town [Area 43].  Aerial interdiction has proved difficult as the route is also a major civilian route.  Recommendation: Use the British Desert Patrol and the French Legion patrol to interdict arms smugglers.

The fate of Azmakassar District is now in the hands of one Major D. Zaster…

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