Thursday, 26 January 2012

Week 8 AAR: Hummer Sandwich - now with added fried goat !

The scenario was fiendishly clever, and could easily be replayed again and again with completely different results; I recommend that you give it a try. For the sake of simplicity, all map numbers and entry/exit points refer to the maps in the original mission. The British plan was straightforward - the pincers would clear the ruins, and converge on a suspected area where the Hummer with the 'secret weapon' was believed to be. The platoon was split into two forces - 2 sections and a CIA operative (led by Bill) ; and the third section, plus the HQ section, JTAC team, interpreter, and the other CIA operative (under Mark). The insurgents hiding in the ruins (Kevin) prepared to do as much damage to the 'crusaders' as they could, while protecting their prize.
Mark's force were tasked with clearing map 7-8, starting in red 3-4, and needing to exit in blue 5-6. With the HQ section providing overwatch along the south edge, the section teams blasted their way into the compound, and proceeded to clear it. As they did so, a team of 'students' hiding in the compound ambushed the Brits, and seriously wounded one. Return fire from the two fireteams ensured that the 'students' failed this exam, and didn't graduate... The fireteams moved up (with their wounded comrade) to the south east of the compound; one team provided overwatch while the other exited from the board. The IED triggerman sitting in the trees on the far side of the river had been waiting for this, and detonated his IED. Another class of 'students' took this as the signal to open up with small arms from the river bank, but the British were extremely fortunate not to incur any more casualties. Again, British return fire eliminated the insurgent team, and the remainder of the regular force exited the board.

Meanwhile, Bill's teams arrived on map 3-4, from red 3-4, and were instructed to leave by blue 1-2.
They fanned out, and moved cautiously through the houses until a veteran team of insurgents sprung an ambush on them. The lead fireteam took two casualties - one serious and one light wound - but killed or wounded all the enemy team. The British also spotted an insurgent with a home-made flamethrower before he could shoot, and killed him. The way seemed clear, but, at that point, another insurgent team ('students') appeared from a building that the Brits had thought was clear, and opened fire. Again, none of the British were harmed, and all fireteams (including their casualties) were able to exit the board, killing all the 'students' before they did so.
Mark's teams entered map 9-10 via red 5-6, and had to exit blue 3-4.
 While one fireteam entered the central compound, the others moved up to the easternmost compound. Rounding the corner, they surprised a triggerman, who detonated his IED to no effect before being riddled with SA-80 bullets. There were no other insurgents discovered, and the British rapidly left this board, feeling that they were doing well. So far, this pincer had only taken a single casualty, and had reached the final map.
The other teams (Bill) threw map 1-2, and were pleased to discover that their entry point was red 1-2, and their exit point was right next to it - blue 1-2.
 Their smiles didn't last long - an insurgent team ambushed them from the nearest building, shooting wildly. All shots missed, and a hail of British fire silenced the opposition. All fireteams then exited the board, but the last man trod on an IED, and was killed outright, taking Bill's casualties to a total of three. However, there was just the last map to negotiate, and the whole platoon would be operating there...
As Bill's teams had moved faster, they arrived on map X first, from red 5.
 A suicide bomber was spotted lurking in the ruins of the easternmost building, and shot down. A British fireteam then breached into the ruins of that building, while another broke into the centremost building on the south edge. A veteran team of insurgents were holed up in a bunker on the west side of the easternmost building, and engaged the British troops to their front. Two of the Brits were lightly wounded, and that building was set on fire; the survivors withdrew to the building to the west. The bunker protected the insurgents from harm, despite the British aiming fire at it, and attempting repeatedly to breach into it from the easternmost building. Another suicide bomber was, however, spotted and killed.
At this point, the rest of the platoon arrived from red 2, and rapidly occupied the two northernmost buildings, killing yet another suicide bomber. The British thought that they had everything under control - the only known insurgents were trapped in a bunker, the location of the 'secret weapon' had been determined (just north of the bunker, by the easternmost building), and all hotspots were covered (meaning no more insurgent reinforcements after that turn). This was where everything went wrong... The last insurgent reinforcements appeared out of the trees on the northern edge, and were experienced veterans, fresh into the fight.  By contrast, the British were weary; the insurgents in the bunker prevented the Brits from manouvering, catching a fireteam in the flank and causing three wounds (2 serious, 1 light [the interpreter]). All attempts to destroy the Hummer were frustrated by the northernmost team, who survived the British fire and managed to inflict four more casualties on the westerners (2 dead, 1 serious, and 1 light wound). In desperation the British fired an AT-4 rocket at the Hummer, but still failed to do any real damage. With so many wounded or dead, the Brits were forced to withdraw, despite being in touching distance of their objective.
British casualties were 3 dead, 5 seriously wounded, and 5 lightly wounded (one of the latter was the interpreter). This was a clear regular victory right up to the very last turn, when the insurgents stole it from under their noses.

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  1. Nice AAR Mark. I must say I was surprised to take victory on this one. It was a fun scenario, and required a lot of willpower on all sides to believe they were winning. It felt like a knife fight in a crowded bar. With UN forces coming from all sides the insurgent feels like he has left home without his pants. I think we certainly duplicate this approach to scenarios in the future when we have 3 players again.