Sunday, 1 January 2012

Week 7 Missions

It has been seven weeks since the first signs that the UNSAF peacekeeping mission has turned into a counter-insurgency operation.  The unexpected UN casualties suffered over the past seven weeks has brought the Malikastan mission into the world press and into major debates in the Security Council.  China has indicated it will be sending a force to join the UN forces presently in Malikastan.

In neigbouring Paktia the situation remains unclear.  With no journalists on the ground the information is fragmentary at best, and as yet has only been made mention in minor stories in the world press.  The world generally believing Paktia to have fallen to a theocratic led insurgency, the build-up of military forces has gone unnoticed.

In Azmakassar District in Malikastan the situation is beginning to look like a full-scale organized insurgency.  Insurgent forces continue to arrive in the district and UN operations and strength seems unable to halt the flood.  The number of young unarmed men appearing in the district has become noticeable to the UN refugee agencies.

At FOB Breakbone a helicopter brought in three British Army replacements and two French replacements.  The US forces in Patrol Base 55 remain undermanned, but the arrival of an ODA and a SASR section has improved PB55’s strength.

Major Zaster has planned two missions for the week, one is to rescue staff from the McDougal's Chicken Emporium, and the second is to remove insurgents from the ruins below the FOB.
Operation Buffalo Wing
The opening of McDougal’s Chicken Emporium’s across Malikastan was first met with curiosity by the locals.  But when pamphlets and cell phone videos from Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul started appearing across Malikastan the attitudes began to change.  The videos accused the Emporiums of being both the spearhead of western temptation, and that unclean meat was being used.  The attitude towards the emporiums has changed from mild curiosity to extreme anger.

The mobs in Azmakassar have besieged the emporium, with one employee being killed in the streets.  Major D. Zaster received orders to protect the emporium, but he has no intention of protection some corrupt politicians business at the expense of his men’s lives.  He has instructed the US Lieutenant to rescue the besieged employees and then leave.  UAV over flight indicates that several mobs have surrounded the emporium, and though armed individuals are evident the majority of the mobs appear to be civilians.  The UAV spotted a tank in the main square, it is uncertain if the tank is MANA, MANPOL or of other allegiance.
Location: Azmakassar (Urban area).  Ratholes and ratlines.  The insurgents have transformed the area into a maze of hidden tunnels.  Insurgents may use Out of Sight movement between a building and its closest neighboring building with exception of the Emporium and mosque.
UN Force: US Army Platoon (-6 personnel), 3 Uparmoured Vehicles (GPMG, HMG, TOW), UAV (x2HellFire), Forward Observer, MANA platoon:
1 T-55
1 Squad Leader w/AK
1 Fireteam Leader w/AK, 1 Riflemen w/AK, 1 Marksman w/SVD and 1 Gunner w/RPK (Lt AP1/AT0)
1 Fireteam leader w/AK, 1 Rifleman w/AK, 1 Gunner w/RPK (Lt AP1/AT0), 1 Gunner w/RPG (Md AP2/AT2 (M))
1 Mil M-24 Hind Attack Helicopter† (air support)
Emporium: 4 Security guards (TQ D8 Mor D8 w/AK) & D6+4 civilians.
Experience: Three experience cards.
AT-4 Allotment: 1 per US squad
UN Objective: Enter the emporium and activate the civilian and security team and get at least half of them to safety (offboard or more than 12˝ of a hostile team).  Alternatively, if the UN player captures the crew of the T-72 they also gain the objective (the crew is a foreign military crew).
Insurgent forces: The insurgent player initially places 1+D2 insurgent teams between 12˝ and 18˝ of the emporium.  The insurgent player then places D4 mobs of 2D10 strength between 6˝ and 12˝ of the emporium.  The UN player may move two of the mobs within the mob setup area.  The insurgent teams are: 1 w/AK, 1 w/RPG, 1 w/RPK, 1 Leader w/AK.  The initial insurgent teams may attempt to turn the mobs into units as per the main rulebook (violent mobs are TQ6 Mor8 w/AK).

The insurgent player may only attack the emporium if UN forces are not within 12˝ of the emporium.  The emporium is fortified.  The emporium and its staff may be attacked as soon as the UN forces enter the emporium.

All insurgents are Foreign Students (TQ6 Mor12)

Insurgent Group Strength
Highest Strength Insurgent Group 4
2nd Highest Strength Insurgent Group 3
Lowest Strength Insurgent Group 3
D6 w/AK +1 w/Support Weapon
Suicidal IED (roll for type)
D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon
D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon + 1 Leader
1 w/AK + 2 w/Support Weapon + 0-1 Leader
Technical with DshKha or 73mm RCL + 3 crew w/AK
D3 Suicidal IED (roll for type)
1+D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon + 0-1 Leader
2+D6 w/AK + 1 w/Support Weapon + 0-1 Leader
Weapon Team: 1 w/PKM GPMG +1 w/AK (if hotspot roll is a 6 then they may setup in bunker)
D6 w/AK + D3 w/RPG + 1 Leader
4+D6 w/AK + 0-1 Leader
D6 w/AK + Foot Suicidal IED

From turn 2 onwards the insurgent player rolls a D10, if the roll is less than the turn number the insurgent receives a T-72 (TQ8 Mor10, Confident) which enters from the edge opposite the UN edge.

Operation Hummer Sandwich to come...

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