Saturday, 31 December 2011

Week 7 - Special Forces Intel Briefing

Following the S.S. Eclipse attacks in 2014 the Coalition has been hunting down the planners of the terrorist operation.  Three of the main targets have been identified as being in Malikastan.  Communication interceptions and the capture of a courier indicate the three HVTs are planning a major operation.  US and Australian Special Force units have arrived in Malikastan to find and remove this threat.

The three High Value Targets (HVTs) are:

Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul (ATR - The religious zealot)

Baada Anti’Ghabi (BAG - The financier)

Bistitnaa Ahliyya La-i-m (BAL - The bomb-maker) 

Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul (ATR) escaped a UN operation in the previous week, he seems to not only be involved in terrorism, but also in inciting the Malikastani's in Holy War.  Intelligence indicates he is either far to the south (out of the zone of operation), or is in a small village north of Azmakassar (Area 43)

No intelligence on the location of Baada Anti’Ghabi (BAG) was intercepted.

Bistitnaa Ahliyya La-i-m (BAL) is believed to be in the town below the FOB with a group of insurgents (Area 66), though evidence also points to him being across the border in Paktia.

The Special Force campaign rules have also been updated a little.  See file section.

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