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Eleven Missing in Action

Mark and Kevin played “Operation Buffalo Wing” today.

Eleven US Soldiers MIA
World Wide News (WWN) – Malika City – Malikastan
25th of October 2015
Yesterday an operation involving US and Malikastani troops resulted in the most costly day suffered by UN forces in Operation UNSAF(EM).  The Haqiqa insurgents have claimed to have killed seven US soldiers and captured a further four.  The US President’s spokesman confirmed that eleven US Army personnel were missing in action in Malikastan.

A United Nations official, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the town of Azmakassar has turned into a battle field when US and Malikastani forces attempted to rescue employees besieged in a McDougal’s Chicken Emporium.  The official said the operation had started well and the employees were rescued, but the protesting crowds soon turned nasty and in close hand to hand fighting the US forces suffered casualties.  He said Azmakassar is now an insurgent town, the MANA forces are besieged in their base on the northern outskirts of the town.  He also added that the rumors that the insurgents had a T-72 tank were unfounded.

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The initial US operation worked like clockwork, a squad in HUMVEES drove to the McDougal’s fast food outlet, dispersed a crowd and rescued the McDougal’s employees.  A squad of MANA and their T-55 protected the US army’s eastern flank.  A UAV and a MANA Hind attack helicopter orbited the centre of the town.

Two US squads moved up on foot behind the HUMVEES, they soon ran into an ambush, but they managed to suppress the fire, they also set up overwatch positions to restrict any insurgents from interfering with the rescue mission.

McDougal's in the centre with the Overwatch House to the left

The HUMVEES approach McDougals
The HUMVEES (Peter Pig) passing Overwatch House
  The first sign of trouble was insurgent instigators handing out AK’s to the disgruntled crowds, the crowds started to act in a more belligerent manner.  The US soldiers soon realized that there was an over abundance of 18 to 24 year old's in the crowds.  The initial firefight had barely begun when the four security guards, within the fast food restaurant, ran into the street and tripped an IED, the four men went down in the explosion.  The insurgents grew in number but they were very inexperienced and could not get organized.  A RPG hit the lead HUMVEE destroying its engine.  The crew fired their TOW missile at near point blank range, but failed to hit the crowd.  The HUMVEE took another hit and was destroyed, the vehicle was abandoned with one of the crew limping from a minor wound.
The firefight begins
The HUMVEE is destroyed and the crew bail out.
In the supply yard behind the McDougal’s the MANA troops became involved in a long firefight with a few insurgents, after a long one sided firefight the insurgents lost.
MANA's T-55 (Peter Pig)
 The US Army assisted the wounded security guards at the IED blast and began moving them to the rear.  The five teenager’s and the McDougal manager piled into the rear of the second HUMVEE and made a fast escape, coming under desultory insurgent fire, but escaped unscathed.

With a growing insurgent threat the US forces began to withdraw and the operation appeared to be a near perfect mission.  That is when it started to go pear-shaped.  The US rear-guard was suddenly hit by heavy fire, probably more luck and skill on the insurgent’s part, but four US soldiers on the roof of the overwatch building next door to McDougal’s went down.

Most the US troops had already retreated to the form-up line.  The HIND gunship flew over mowing down dozens of insurgents, but even this did not stop the insurgent surge.  The first success of the insurgents seem to promote insanity, it seemed that all these young insurgents all wanted to overrun the US overwatch position, dozens died, but more and more rushed the fallen US soldiers.

A US fireteam assaulted a nearby building killing the insurgents within, they then charged into the overwatch building.  In the lower building the fight turned to hand to hand fighting with US and insurgents falling.  In the streets outside the building dozens more insurgents died under a hail of fire.  Inside the building the insurgents overcame the US troops.  Though wounded badly three US soldiers were captured.

This is when the insurgent tank arrived.  Witnesses said the tank was manned by an experienced crew.  The tank soon destroyed the MANA T-55.  The US desperately tried to rescue their lost men before the tank came to bear.  The US UAV and the MANA Hind searched the streets for the insurgent tank, but could not find it.  Rumors indicate the tank may have been a T-72.
The sun goes down on the Overwatch House
A US fireteam assaulted the overwatch building and managed to rescue their three captured comrades.  But then a large group of insurgents broke into the building, and in a bitter struggle the US fireteam was killed and the three US prisoners were once again in insurgent hands.  With failing light and the threat of the tank the US withdrew to reform leaving four of their number in insurgent hands.

The UN forces had snatched defeat from the loving embrace of the Goddess of Victory.

Major D. Zaster has immediately postponed all operations and has directed all resources to find the captured men and retrieve the bodies of the seven dead soldiers.  He has requested that Major Richard Sole also redirect his special force operatives to assist him in his rescue operations.

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