Friday, 6 January 2012

Mission Lassie - Rescue mission - 2nd Draft

Operation Lassie
Experts have indicated that Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul's recent video was filmed in the same room as the Haqiqa’s video showing the four captured Americans.  ICOM chatter indicates Akhbal may be hiding north of Azmakassar at a camel caravan feeding compound - a well known end point for smugglers from Paktia.

The UN forces are sending in one ODA and two full to partial platoons.  The PB55 US Army platoon, who yesterday fought in Azmakassar, has requested to help rescue their captured comrades.

Night mission.  All UN forces are equipped with NODs.  The insurgent bodyguard team is equipped with NODs.  The operation was delayed, on Turn 6 roll a D6 on a 6+ dawn begins, each dawn check after the initial attempt has a +1DShift applied to the roll until dawn occurs.  

UN Rules of Engagement
The rules of engagement are: all individuals are assumed to be hostile.

UN Forces
ODA 321, ODA Teams enter on Turn 1 from any edge(s).  All ODA non-SAW are suppressed weapons.  ODA teams are stealthy, TQ10 MOR12.

From turn 4 onwards the UN player may roll a D8 TQ for each helicopter, the helicopter(s) arrives on a 4+ success.  The helicopters must land on one of the two secretly predesignated locations.  A landing helicopter will trip the alarm for the insurgents.

Helicopter 1 – CH47 Chinook, capacity 40 (which platoon?)
Helicopter 2 – Superpuma, capacity 19 (which platoon?)

Artillery Support: 105mm Artillery from FOB (AP8/AT2(M) - 6˝ Blast Radius), will only fire on targets designated by the ODA team leaders who count as FOBS.
Air Support: AC-130U Spooky II (25mm Gatling Gun (AP5/AT2(M) vs. deck), 40mm Bofors L/60 (AP4/AT3(L) vs. deck) and 105mm ((AP8/AT2(M) - 6˝ Blast Radius)), will only fire on targets designated by the two USAF FAC’s with the ODA teams.  They will continue to fire at the designated target (even if it moves or the target is destroyed) until the FAC orders otherwise by passing a TQ.  The Spooky leaves as soon as dawn breaks. The Spooky 105mm drift is less than normal and therefore the three D6 are rolled with the lowest score indicating the drift.

Danger Close Rule.  Any UN team within 12" of an artillery or Spooky attack may not move, but must instead seek cover.  No attack may be made within 6" of a known friendly unit.  No UN force may move within 12" of a artillery/Spooky target on the turn the attack occurred.  Any UN force with 18" of a Spooky target must pass a TQ or fire with a -1DShift.

UN Objective: No objective, instead: Rescue 1-4 prisoners (5vp/POW in UN hands) and kill Ahkbal (5vp) or capture Akhbal (10vp).
Insurgent Objective: Shoot down a chinook (10vp), keep the prisoners alive in their possession (5vp/POW)

Insurgent Forces
Insurgents forces may not move until the alarm is sounded.  The alarm is sounded if helicopters land, if non-suppressed gunfire occurs, or suppressed gunfire fails to kill the target or if one of the pickets or dog spots the UN forces.
Setup in one of the 7 houses:
- Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul (TQ6 MOR12) – Inspires all insurgents within 8” to be MOR1
- Akhbal’s Bodyguard (Paktia Special Services - Regular TQ10 Mor10): 1w/AK, 1w/RPK, 1w/RPG, 1 Leader w/AK (team has NODs)
- Prisoner Guards (Regular TQ8 MOR10) 4 w/AK (may split up if prisoners are split up). 
- Prisoners (4 unarmed bound Americans), may be placed in any house(s) within 12" of the centre of the play area, and the compound may not include Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul who refuses to share the same compound with the crusaders.  The insurgents will not kill the prisoners with the exception of an insurgent team which include Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul, and then only after the helicopters arrive.

Pickets Setup anywhere on the board, pickets move D6 inches in a random direction each turn until the alarm is sounded.
Four teams of Ahkbal’s Pickets (Regular TQ8 Mor10): 1 w/AK
One watchdog.
Setup in any building (asleep, may wake as soon as the alarm is sounded, may not fire on a turn the firer moved or was suppressed or pinned):
SAM Team (Regular TQ8 MOR10), 1 w/AK 1 w/SAM (Grinch, hits on 6+ vs. Helicopters & 7+ vs. Spooky, before firing the firer must roll a TQ, on a score of 1 the SAM loaded is a dud).

Setup three large haystacks (one is secretly designated as a disguised T-72), the crew which is asleep in the closest house.  Once the UN force attack is exposed the crew may move to the tank.  TQ8 MOR10 High Confidence.  The house with the crew may not contain Akhbal or a prisoner.

Only roll for reinforcements once the alarm is sounded.

Terrorist Team: Irregular D6 w/AK+D2 w/SW +1 Leader (TQ D8/Mor D10)
Foot Suicide Bomber w/AK, d6:
1-3  Foot mobile Suicide Bomber AP:4/AT:2(M) 4˝ IED w/AK (Quality: D8, Morale: D10)
4+ Foot mobile Suicide Bomber AP:6/AT:3(M) 6˝ IED w/AK (Quality: D8, Morale: D10)

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