Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Campaign Update

The campaign situation
The UN mission in the Azmakassar Valley is fighting an ever growing insurgency, Major Zaster feels he is being played by external forces: he is forced to act against the insurgents but at the same time this decreases UN credibility amongst the locals.

If he has not had enough on his plate some bright-spark has opened a McDougal’s in Azmakassar, and Major Zaster has been called in to police the angry crowds and protect the franchise.  The elections are only weeks away and the UN forces need to secure the voting stations, instead the soldiers are facing crowds of anti-West protesters outside a fast food outlet which appears to have the personal protection of some powers that be.

Major Zaster is starting to look forward to his rotation out of Malikastan in 3 months.  Unbeknown to him…

The Evolution of the Campaign
The insurgent portion of the campaign will come to an end in the next few months, with the slow grinding down of UN forces and the rise of the insurgency, coupled to the increasing view by the neigbouring states that  Malikastan’s civilians are suffering under the West’s uncaring boot.

But before that, there is a hunt for several terrorist leaders.  This requires a new player to lead a US ODA group.  This leader says he will not interfere with Major Zaster’s command, but will be able to command all US forces to complete his mission.

When the invasion occurs we will also need a leader of the invading forces.  This player will be in command off a few mechanized platoons and needs to maneuver this invading force on the map.

Both the new leaders can be active FOF players in the club or can be third parties.

ODA and US Commander
Following the 2014 SS Eclipse terrorist attacks US and Australian special forces have been hunting several international suspects across the globe.  Recent intel has drawn US attention to Malikastan, and in particular the district of Azmakassar.  Several of the ringleaders have been reported to be in Malikastan.

A special forces liaison officer, Major Richard Sole, arrived at FOB Breakbone to inform Major D. Zaster that a special forces unit would be expanding Patrol Base 55 to include facilities for a helicopter base and barracks for an ODA team and a SASR section.  The ODA/SASR commander has said that they may need to assume command of the US platoons if they are required to support ODA and SASR operations.

The special forces have their own agenda and their own objectives, Major Sole will no doubt be a major annoyance to Major David Zaster.

Major Richard Sole has command of two ODA teams, a SASR section, support staff, a helicopter and two MRAPs patrol vehicles.  He may also secure vehicles from Patrol Base 55.  He also has priority on all airsupport.

The ODA/SASR will no doubt perform night raids, a highly provocative mission in Azmakassar, which will no doubt cause more trouble for the UN forces.

[We now need someone to be Major Richard Sole.  He will have his own agenda and will direct his own missions, these may support or counter the efforts of the UN FOB commander.]

A look into the future:

The Holy War begins
Following the disastrous “Women and Children’s” Holy War, and its bloody end in Paktia, the Pash were united into the Pan-Pash Emirate with its capital split amongst the villages of Paktia.  Thousands of international students and ex-soldiers have streamed to the Paktia schools to atone for their inaction during the “Women and Children’s Holy War.  Following the mahdi’s teachings the Pan-Pash movement has become international under the call for a Holy War of Unification.  Thousands of international volunteers have streamed into the PPE territories.  Holy War has broken out across the globe, most at a low level and including terrorist attacks.

The Malikastan Party which won the election has instated the ex-King of Afghanistan as its leader.  Though the whereabouts of this Emir is unknown.  The appointment of the emir has polarized the Malikastani’s resulting in several car bombs in Malika City.

The UN Security Council has accused the PPE of directly commanding and supplying the insurgency in Malikastan.  In response PPE have accused the UN of attempting to undermine the PPE itself.  Following the debacle of the Malikastan elections and the out of control insurgency the neighbouring PPE has declared Malikastan a Protectorate of the United Believers. 

The PPE Army is well-supplied with weapons from the former territories and following increased tension between the decimated Kiastan and India the PPE have been able to move the majority of its forces westward to the Malikastan border.  The UN’s has been slow to react to these developments, concentrating more on the India and Kiastan tension.

The Invasion
A PPE armoured brigade crossed the border north east of Malika City in the early hours of Sunday.  To the west of the city a PPE mechanized Brigade entered Azmakassar and turned east in a pincer movement to trap the UN forces in Malika City.  The FOB between Azmakassar and Malika City appears to have been overrun.  The UN airfield at Malika City was overrun after a series of bitter firefights.  Some aircraft escaped to the west but are now impounded in the neighbouring countries.

The UN failed to negotiate the opening of a new airfield in neighbouring states, who have all declared neutrality and therefore the UN will have to depend on the aircraft carriers steaming northwards in the Indian Ocean.  Following their arrival they will have to regain air superiority before the trapped UN forces can be supported by close air support.  The US will also be sending in high altitude bombers to hit large targets.

The main UN forces in Malikastan have formed a defensive perimeter around the consular compounds in Malika City.  They have large supplies of food, but have only adequate supplies of ammunition.  The initial supply drops were met by a hail of AAA and SAM, but also suffered a few losses to interceptors.  The UN has halted air supply drops until they can guarantee air superiority.

The PPE mechanized infantry brigade which marched east through the town of Azmakassar was followed by a motorized infantry division.  Part of the mechanized brigade and the infantry division have been diverted from Malika City to clear the UN forces from the Azmakassar valley.  In particular to destroy FOB Breakbone.

UN command has requested that the UN forces under Major David Zaster and Major Richard Sole to halt the PPE forces and secure a plateau south of the Azmakassar Lake. Once secure Major Zaster must start the construction of an air strip.  Major Zaster has one dozer and one articulated dump truck.

Supplies and reinforcements are limited, air support is sporadic at best and the enemy is strong.  There is however, some hope.  The insurgency has split in two.  Several insurgent leaders have arrived at FOB Breakbone to swear allegiance to the UN forces, they have no love for the PPE.  Their forces are now available to Major Zaster.

[We need to paint up some more forces to represent the PPE forces, and eventually we need a PPE commander when the campaign moves from insurgency to conventional war]

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