Sunday, 20 November 2011

Campaign Experience proposal

I have noticed that none of us have exploited or used the experience gained by squads in our games.  Mainly due to not knowing or not remembering.

So, I propose a new system, instead of each fire team obtaining a specific experience each platoon obtains a number of experience cards.  These can be reduced in number if "Fatigue" is rolled.

The new system involves each force drawing a number of Experience Cards instead of having fixed experience.  The experience cards can then be played during the game to reroll or nullify certain effects.  Eventually when a unit obtains an experience level of 5 the platoon can cash them in to obtain a permanent increase in TQ or MOR.

After each mission a platoon rolls its TQ, on a roll of 1 the team is fatigued and loses one experience, on a highest, 2nd highest or third highest score (4+ on a D6 TQ, a 6+ on a D8 TQ and a 8+ on a D10 TQ).

See the file section for the new cards or go to: GOOGLE DOCS

What do you think?

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