Saturday, 3 December 2011

Rules idea - Platoon Traits

Regular Traits
After reading a few books on recent conflicts its very apparent units have traits.  For example, all seem to start with very strong rules of engagement, which are usually thrown out to different degrees once the force suffers a casualty.  So, what about formulating a set of traits which players can choose for their units.  This would be in addition to the FOF Unit Attributes.  So, a player may select two traits for their platoon to differentiate their forces from others forces.

Fickle.  A platoon/force may choose to ignore the rules of engagement following their first serious wounding, vehicle loss or KIA.  If platoon/force chooses to ignore the RoE and the opposition is an insurgent force then the insurgent player may choose to reroll one reinforcement dice roll per turn, but must accept the second result.

By-the-numbers.  The force may reroll artillery and air support request dice rolls, but must pass a TQ to use Rapid movement.  In the campaign the force may also reroll air support availability.

Casualty Sensitive.  The force uses the Advanced First Aid table for all first aid checks.  KIA and serious wounded may not be abandoned.  The fire team containing at least one KIA or serious wound suffers one firepower dice.  A unit requires at least two unwounded soldiers to move a KIA and one unwounded to move a serious wound member.  Other units may assist.

Gung-ho.  Fireteams gain an extra firepower dice per attack, but lose one dice in Defense.

Conservative.  Fireteams gain an extra Defense dice, but lose a firepower dice.

Casualty Insensitive.  The force may reroll one Morale dice per test.

Lack Initiative.  Fireteams will only activate in a turn if they have LOS to a squad/section or platoon leader or sergeant.  If in LOS of a leader they may reroll a failed Morale check by rerolling all the dice.

No fire discipline.  The fireteams gain +1D firepower in the first 5 turns, but suffer -1D firepower on turn 6 onward.

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