Thursday, 6 October 2011

Last Minute Operational Amendment

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) indicate that insurgents led by Darar Wahid are planning to strike at the hydroelectric plant to the west of FOB.  Darar Wahid, an ex-"Horn of Africa pirate", is wanted by the US and UN for crimes against US citizens.  He has been located in a hamlet to the west of the Azmakassar Lake.  He is therefore in Helmand territory and beyond the jurisdiction of the UNSAF forces.

The US commander of IIAP has, however, ordered that the USMC platoon stationed at the FOB will act in support of ODA 112.  Therefore, their mission to Azmakassar has been scrubbed.

Major Zaster, therefore reluctantly has been forced to send in the British Army Platoon with only one days warning.

Furthermore, a squad of the French contingent will report to PB 55 to secure the base, and therefore freeing the whole US Platoon to sweep through the town of Azmakassar.

Section 1 of the British Army Platoon is three men short.  The remainder of the platoon are hale and present.

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