Saturday, 1 October 2011

New house rules added

Ploughed Fields

Any team wearing battle armour which uses rapid movement to cross a field must roll a TQ, if the TQ is failed one of their number receives a light wound (sprained ankle, stunned etc.).

Narrow Urban streets, bridges and alleyways

In narrow urban streets (<2˝ wide), bridges and alleyways UNSAF will only move at Rapid pace if they pass a TQ, this is due to UNSAF being wary of IEDs in choke points.


Windows in Malikastan are generally narrow or barred, therefore windows may not be used to enter or exit a building.

Evacuation of Seriously Wounded

The evacuation of seriously wounded is a high priority for the regular forces.  A seriously wounded soldier may only move by foot if there are two hale or lightly wounded soldiers that move with him.

Breaching charges and ladders

UNSAF players may designate one soldier per squad to carry breaching charges.  A team containing a soldier carrying breaching charges may not use Rapid Movement.  The soldier may continue to place breaching charges until the soldiers fails a TQ.

The UNSAF player may designate one soldier per squad to carry a scaling ladder.  A team containing a soldier carrying a scaling ladder may not use Rapid Movement.  The scaling ladder may be used to scale any wall up to 1½˝.  

A soldier may not carry breaching charges or a ladder if they carry any weapon other than an assault rifle, shotgun or SMG.

Plus 18 new Fog of War cards have been added to the FoW card file.  The majority of the new cards deal with IEDs, with a few others adding ATGM insurgent unit and a sergeant major assisting in the evacuation of wounded soldiers.

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