Tuesday, 11 October 2011

AAR: 90% Successful

We played the week 4 mission at the BIG monthly meeting.  Unfortunately only having 4 hours to complete a massive two platoon attack on an insurgent dominated town.  We were joined by an experienced gamer, who was about to embark on a FOF gaming venture.  I hope we left a good impression!  This AAR will be less literature and more game descriptive as we accelerated the end.  Unfortunately the photographs were blurry.

The USMC transfer to support the ODA operation was cancelled at the last moment and the marines boarded the Chinook to attack Azmakassar.

We set up the battle as an L-shaped battle, on leg of the L was open fields merging into the town, the other an urban sprawl.  The USMC arrived in the fields via a Chinook, and the US Army, supported by their erstwhile and trustworthy allies, the MANA.

The scenario was a Sweep and Clear with a high value target.  With the new rule about insurgent forces breaking we rolled 3 "averaging" dice, and the secret number was 9.  When the insurgents suffered 9 teams lost they would break and UNSAF would win.

The battle started slowly, with the Marines and Army advancing onto the board with minor opposition.  The MANA (of as yet uncertain allegiance) protected the US Army right flank.

The initial skirmishing were one sided, and the Chinook was able to land, disembark and leave.  The insurgent fire at the Chinook was limited and ineffective.  The US Army entered on foot, supported by a single US Marine AAVP7A1.

The FAC, FOO and sniper team setup on a hill overlooking Azmakassar.

The first crisis came when the US Marines were caught in the open and suffered a KIA and a WIA.  The Marines advanced slowly, firing at a never ending supply of insurgents defending the outskirts of Azmakassar. The US Army squads faced a less determined resistance, and after wiping out the initial defenses managed to take the second block of buildings.

The insurgents received a vehicle borne IED as a reinforcement, which they drove into the AAVP7A1, destroying the AAVP7A1, and dropping a building full of US Army and MANA troops.  A total of eight fire teams and one vehicle were caught in the massive blast.  A second building collapsed, wounding many of the insurgents.  Disaster appeared at hand.  But, the US soldiers climbed from the smoke, dust and rubble, stunned, ears bleeding, but undefeated.

In the end the Marine platoon surged forth and broke through the insurgent lines and brought fire to bear on the insurgent high value target (HVT), the third Marine fire team to fire on the HVT finally hit him.  We rolled his casualty check and he died.  Game over, man, game over!  During the last turn the 9th insurgent team to be destroyed was also attained.

The insurgent stranglehold on Azmakassar had been broken, the MSR is open, supply trucks roared through the deserted streets, bringing much needed spares to the hydroelectric plant and much needed supplies to the FOB itself.

Success, however, came at a cost:

Squad 1: 1 KIA, 1 Light Wound

US Army
Squad 2: 3 Serious Wounds, 2 Light Wounds
Squad 3: 1 Light Wound
Wpn Squad: 1 Light Wound


The MANA have once again supported the UN mission, in the next mission the MANA allegiance on D10 are: 7+ pro-UN, and 1 pro-Insurgent

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