Thursday, 22 September 2011

Week 4 Situation

The FOB was left in a solemn mood, with the death of three soldiers and the evacuation of five seriously wounded soldiers.  The world press descended on the UN HQ in Malikat demanding to know more about the situation in Azmakassar valley.  The UN press officer reported the “the two incidents were unrelated and not representative of the situation…the conflict in Azmakassar town was related to local politics and the UN had brought the two sides to resolution…Malikastan was firmly on the path to free and transparent elections…”

Following two intense battles the situation in Azmakassar Valley escalated, HUMINT indicates foreign fighters have been streaming into the valley from north and south.  The defeat of the British patrol in Azmakassar town appears to have emboldened the insurgents.  Reports from Azmakassar indicate that insurgents walk openly in the street and either the local officials have joined them or have been killed.  Several minor fire fights between the insurgents, police and army have taken place.  Reports from FOB Queen, to the east, report that refugees from Azmakassar have started to appear near the base.

UAV recon has shown numerous insurgents training south west of Azmakassar.

Major Zaster must allot the 2 replacements and specify any patrols or attacks.

End of Week 3
KIA: 4
Seriously Wounded: 4
Died of Wounds: 0
Civilians: Remain in both areas
District Insurgency Level: remains the same (at 3)
Unit Experience: French Squad 2 grains Defence Skill upgrade

Situation at Start of Week 4
District Insurgency Level: 3
Campaign Event: None
Ammo: Helicopters resupply the AMMO to Abundant level
Week 4 Replacements: 2 arrive at the FOB

FOB Breakbone
§  Platoon A (French)
§  HQ (missing 2)
§  Groupe de Combat 1 (missing 2)
§  Groupe de Combat 2
§  Groupe de Combat 3
§  Platoon B (British)
§  HQ
§  Section 1 (missing 3)
§  Section 2
§  Section 3
§  Platoon C (USMC)
§  HQ
§  Squad 1
§  Squad 2 (missing 5)
§  Squad 3
§  AT
§  Two MBT/Heavy Armoured Car
§  Two IFV (1 of 3 destroyed)
§  Three Lightly Armed APC
§  Two Recce Vehicles
§  Four armed/unarmed trucks
§  Two Javelin/Eryx/TOW weapons teams
§  Two Sniper weapon teams (each of 2)
§  Two GPMG weapons teams (missing 1)
§  One Forward Air Controller (Team of 1, attached) (missing 1)
§  Two Forward Artillery Observers (Team of 2ea)  (FOO Team A: missing 1)
§  One Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team of 2 specialists
§  Two Dog Teams each of one soldiers and one dog
§  One Field Medic
§  One 105mm Howitzer
§  One battery of 81mm

Patrol Base 55
§  Platoon D (US Army)
§  HQ
§  Squad 1
§  Squad 2
§  Squad 3
§  Six Small Soft Uparmoured Vehicles


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