Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just in - The battle from the other side

Transcript from a video appearing on Al Bebeesea.

"Our fighters recently fought a major battle against the western invaders, killing and wounding a great many. Sadly, Mahmud Daoud, may peace be upon him, our local commander, died while bravely leading his men.

Our commander deployed our men in ambush, knowing that the enemy would attempt to advance down the road. We knew that we would be outnumbered, but we were not prepared for the westerners to use so many tanks, however, or else we would have brought some RPG's with us to the fight. As it was our men's fighting skill negated the enemy numbers and armour, and won the day.

We had been sent two young martyrs, fresh from the madrassa. They had been promised their place in Paradise. One succeeded in driving his vehicle into a group of crusaders cowering in a ditch, and detonated it, killing a dozen of them - !!!!!!!!!!. The other was gunned down as he ran towards the firenghi, who were shooting wildly at anything that moved.

Our men ambushed another group of the enemy as they were crossing a field, killing at least four more. Ferocious return fire from the crusaders' tanks caused the roof of a building to collapse on the fighters that were shooting from there, but our men fought on bravely.

The unbelievers, pinned down by our fighters, tried to evacuate their survivors. Mahmud Daoud requested that we allow them to do so, but his compassion was poorly repaid by the enemy, who resorted to using mortars and aircraft to bomb the area indiscriminately. One large bomb landed directly on his group, killing them all; despite this provocation, our men heeded our late lamented leader's words, and permitted the foreigners to retreat unhindered.

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