Monday, 26 September 2011

Week 4 Mission Plan - A large two platoon operation

In an attempt to quash the fledgling insurgency Major Zaster plans the largest operation to date, a major pincer movement to trap and smash the insurgent hold on the town of Azmakassar and the MSR.

Major Zaster welcomed the replacement FOO and FAC, following the wounding of the two previous incumbents.  Before the two men could settle in or meet their team the Major called an operational briefing.

“We are going to launch a major assault on the insurgents in Azmakassar (map reference 46), and take the town back.  The plan will involve the USMC platoon (or as many will fit into the Chinook), and the US Army platoon. The operation will have priority artillery and air support.

An APC (containing the field medic, a FOO, a FAC, a sniper team, and a GPMG team) will drive east to Patrol Base 55, there to link up with the US Army platoon and their vehicles based there. This combined force will advance on Azmakassar, being alert for IED's and ambushes.

When the US Platoon vehicles are 15 minutes from the town, they are to advise control at FOB Brokenbone, so that the assault by both platoons can be co-ordinated - the aim is for the Chinook to touch down outside the town on the east side, as the road-borne force moves in to attack from the north west. Immediately before the attack, the MANA commander is to be advised of the operation, 'to assist him to regain control of his town'; if he wishes to, he can join in the attack.

An Apache helicopter will precede the Chinook with the marines aboard, and ensure that the landing zone is insurgent-free.  The Chinook will land outside the town, and the Marines will disembark and move on their objectives in co-ordination with the US Army platoon.  The Chinook will leave the area as soon as it's passengers are off, but it will remain on-call with an on-board trauma team to evacuate any wounded from either platoon.  Once the operation is over, the Chinook will retrieve the Marines to the FOB; the Army platoon will return to the patrol base; and the additional components will return to the FOB.

What have I forgotten?”


The newly arrived reinforcements had one evening to liaise with their guns and the local air.

Task Force 55
1x VAB w/ FOO team, FAC, GPMG Weapon Team, Sniper Team, FOB Medic (8 soldiers)
1x US Platoon in six Humvees

Strike Force Air 1
1x Chinook
1x USMC Platoon

MANA Support (Allegiance: 1=Insurgency, 8+ = UNSAF)
1 Squad Leader w/AK
1 Fireteam Leader w/AK, 1 Riflemen w/AK, 1 Marksman w/SVD, 1 Gunner w/RPK
1 Fireteam leader w/AK, 1 Rifleman w/AK, 1 Gunner w/RPK (Lt AP1/AT0), 1 Gunner w/RPG
1 Sniper Weapon Team, 2 w/Sniper Rifles

Air Transport Support: 1 Platoon (1 Chinook or 2 Superpuma’s)
AT-4: 1 per squad

The insurgent force in the area has a combined strength of 10, the strength of the UNSAF force is 10, therefore the battle takes place.  The insurgent's three units are strength 4, 3 and 3.
Terrain: High density urban with no special terrain rules
Mission: Sweep and Clear (Insurgents)
Table: The table will be an L-Shaped configuration with a dry stream bed.

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