Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 2 The Situation - The insurgents descend on the FOB

Following a less than satisfactory effort by the UN force a week ago the insurgents appear to be going for the knockout blow, scouts and human intelligence indicate the insurgents are concentrating around the FOB.  This may be the critical juncture: The destruction of the UN force or the annihilation of the insurgency.  There is no doubt the the UN forces are in dire danger.

Following the loss of three soldiers in the fight in Rahthkabir, and a further soldier evacuated due to wounds, only one replacement arrived on the supply helicopter (Major Mooney to decide where he is placed: A or C Platoon).

The UN Mission Command has requested that the FOB Breakbone force secure the road from Azmakassar to the dam wall to allow a delivery of cement and other construction goods which will be ready to leave in two weeks (i.e. the MSR needs to be clear of insurgents by the beginning of Week 4).

There is no doubt now, there is an insurgency in Malikastan, and the UN position will become untenable if they do not act decisively and with intent to overcome the odds.

The situation at the beginning of week 2 is:

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