Monday, 11 July 2011

What is the Malikastan Campaign?

The Malikastan campaign is a wargaming campaign using the Ambush Alley Force on Force rules to play the missions.  In the strategic side of the campaign all the players are on the same side, each leading a platoon.  Furthermore, there is a pool of resources that include vehicles, snipers, medics etc that can be used by each player.  The campaign dictates the situation, the players then decide on their actions to defeat the insurgency and then they play the missions using Force on Force.

The rules of the campaign can be downloaded from the links section of the blog.  To play in the campaign you need not know the rules.  The campaign in administrated in a VASSAL module.

Most the missions will be played at BIG, the owner of a platoon will generally get to play his platoon, though other players may be available to play his supporting units, such as MBTs, IFVs, snipers etc.  The insurgents are played by anyone in the club, including the players who lead platoons.

At present their are four platoons, each which can have two commanders.

In the campaign the actual nationality of each platoon is fluid, and during the mission you can use your own figures (15mm or 20mm, it does not matter).

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