Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Mission Briefing: Force on Force on 40K Ridge

Far far in the future, in a galaxy we inhabit, a unit of Planetary militia are ordered to clear a nameless ridge 40km's outside of the human settlement of Neuamazonia.
The six Chaos survivors
Five days ago a raid of Chaos Warriors hit the Neuamazonia colony, after four days of bitter fighting they were destroyed.  At a huge cost in human lives.  Earlier on this day a final message was received from one of the Neuamazonia milita patrols, they had found the last surviving raiders.  The message was cut-short, and a drone showed a destroyed convoy on the 40KM ridge.

On the ridge are six men of the chaotic Donusa.  Contorted by the chaos of hyperspace these half-men have no hope.  There will be no reinforcements.  There will be no rescue.  They will die.  Their Lord, Donusa, will not come.  But, in their last fight they have the opportunity to take many humans with them.  

Down below the ridge a planetary militia platoon of 24 men and women with their last surviving armoured car have surrounded the ridge.  The battle of 40K Ridge has begun.

This is a 28mm version of Tomorrow's War Scenario 2 on Page 227.  Still painting my 28mm WW2, so we will use some GW miniatures.  See the mission in the book for terrain and the map.

Game Length: Game ends when all Donusa's Chaos Warriors are casualties or prisoners
Initiative: Chaos Warriors for first 2 turns, then test.
Fog of War: Use normal cards.

Don'usa Chaos Warriors
VP: 1pt per turn, after the 1st turn here Chaos Warriors are still combat effective.
Confidence: High
Supply: Normal
Overall Tech Level: 3 (+1D on attacks vs. enemy infantry)
Body Armor: Power Armour TL2 (+3D), can self medicate, double optimum range, intimidating (all attacks by this unit on other infantry are intimidating, make a Morale Check)
Special Rule: If they are being captured make a TQ, on success suicide with a 3D Firepoer blast.

x2 Chaos Warriors (+1 weapon each)

x2 Chaos Warrior (+1 weapon each)

x1 Chaos Warrior (+1 weapon each + AP4/AT4(H)) - Can attack with both weapons
x1 Chaos Warrior (+1 weapon each)

Neuamazonia Planeterary Militia
The Neuamazonia Militia
1VP Per Chaos Warrior Killed/SW
5VP Per Chaos Warrior  Killed/SW before end of Turn 3
3VP If all Chaos Warrior killled/SW before end of Turn 5
3VP per Chaos Warrior POW

Confidence: High
Supply: Normal
Overall Tech Level: 2
Body Armour: TL2 +2D

Fireteam 1A (setup within 4" of West Edge)
Fireteam 1B (setup within 4" of West Edge)
Fireteam 2A (setup within 4" of South Edge)
Fireteam 2B (setup within 4" of South Edge)
Fireteam 3A  (setup within 4" of East Edge)
Fireteam 3B (setup within 4" of East Edge)

Each fireteam is:
x2 w\Volley Gun (Gauss)
x1 w\ Plasma Gun (+1)
x1 w\ SAW (+1)

The Neuamazonia Armoured Car
Armoured Car (TL2) (setup within 4" of North Edge)
Weapon TL2 (-1 vs. Chaos Warriors)
Armour TL3
FA 3D10
SA 2D10
RA 2D8
DA 1D6
Main Gun Rotary Laser Gun (AP4/AT2)
Secondary Weapon Gauss LMG (AP4/AT0) (ignore 1 cover or 1 armor dice)
Crew 3
Lifesaver (+1 on Crew Survival Checks)
Improved MG (included)
Safe Haven (+1 on Bail Out Checks)

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